How to Reach A Wider Audience on Instagram

Ultimate 6 Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

If you are looking forward to engaging with your audience with infographics and picture-based content, Instagram is the perfect platform for you, since it’s a photo-sharing-based social media platform. It allows its users to post pictures and add cool funky filters to those photos. You can also post videos, and reels, create stories and connect with others via Instagram, which has over a billion users, and a sky-high level of user engagement.

With all these aspects, Instagram has become a highly attractive promotional tool for different brands. With all the users Instagram has, it presents a huge marketing opportunity. Additionally, it has opened up its photo feed to marketers and advertisers and created a special “Shop Now” button, for which this platform is now dominating the space of consumer marketing.

If you want to grow your audience or reach a wider audience on Instagram, at first you need to build a proper presence on this platform. Also, you’ll need to learn the way of formulating a proper audience growth strategy. Then you can take certain measures to increase your audience base or reach a broader audience. Let’s have a look at the measures that you can take to reach a wider audience on Instagram.

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Understanding and Using Hashtags

It is really important to understand the proper usage of hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are used across various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. But among all the platforms, hashtags play the most important role on Instagram. On this platform, using the right hashtag will expose your content to a large, diverse, and targeted audience, even when the users aren’t on your followers’ list.

Make sure to use as many relevant hashtags as you can while posting your content on Instagram, as it will easily help you reach your target audience if they are following those hashtags. People don’t like hashtags much on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter, but Instagram users don’t seem to mind them much. So, don’t be afraid to use them. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per photo, and 10 hashtags per story. Use as much as you can.

Following Similar Users

You can try following and engaging with targeted users. As Instagram is a social media platform, after all, you can try to promote your content by being social. It’s better if you like and comment on other posts instead of just posting and being silent.

A good strategy to gain more followers and reach a wider audience is to search for certain users that use hashtags related to your business and your customer base. Then follow the users of the top posts you have found, and then like the last three photos that they posted. It will show the user that you didn’t only follow them, you also dug a bit deeper to understand them more. This strategy will help you engage with users that might be interested in your services or products, or your brand in general.

Posting Consistently

One of the keys to having success in marketing is to be consistent with your messaging, and it’s even more true when it comes to growing your audience. According to research, the average Instagram user posts once per day, and users with the highest followers post 2 to 3 photos per day. According to this data, for gaining more followers you’ll need to post with higher frequency.

Instagram is kind of the only social media platform with no algorithm that will filter your feed. It means that there will be no drop-off in reach or engagement for posting more frequently. So, you can easily be more consistent with your posting, and it will help you gain more followers and reach a vast audience. Your brand exposure will also increase.

Using The Proper Filters

Instagram originally started as a photo-sharing app that features various fun and inspiring photo filters. Even though filters aren’t the main features of Instagram anymore, filters can still make your pictures and contents fun. Your ordinary pictures will look dramatic and interesting with the help of these filters. Also, using the right filters can lead to more engagement and views for your posts.

According to research, filtered photos have 21% more chance to get views and 45% more chance to have comments than the unfiltered ones. Filters that create higher exposure, warm tones, and high contrast tend to inspire more engagement with the audience.

Using Emojis

Using emojis on your Instagram posts can also help you build engagement and get more audience if you can use them properly based on your target buyer personas. We use emojis or tiny images in our texts, or in the captions of our posts. These emojis can be of different types, such as facial expressions, animals, hearts, etc. As per the report of Instagram, around 50% of all comments and captions on Instagram contain at least one emoji. You can try adding them to your posts if they’re right for your audience and see if they can help you with more engagement.

Hosting Photo Contests

You can grow your audience on Insta by hosting photo contests. If you can properly plan and implement a photo contest, it will help you get more engagement, followers, and exposure for your brand on this platform. People can easily enter those contexts and you can manage them conveniently by using specific hashtags. You can make rules that people have to comment on the post for entry and tag another person so that they can enter too. This will increase the reach and engagement of your brand drastically.

Using Video

Instagram videos, reels, live videos, and IGTV help connect with users even more than static photos do. You can post or record videos for up to a minute, even though before the option was limited to 15 seconds only. You can make compelling videos and take advantage of this as a marketing strategy to get more exposure for your brand and reach a wider audience throughout this platform.

Final Words

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and a lot of people spend their time on this app. They don’t just post stuff about their life, they also follow other people, pages, and businesses that match their interests. If you can grab the attention of these people by going through the aforementioned measures, it will help you reach a wider audience easily. And your brand will get a lot of exposure, which will provide you with your desired sales and revenue in return.


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