How to maintain generators properly and ensure optimum performance?


Generators need proper maintenance for optimum performance. We maintain our car, computers, air conditioning systems similarly generators should be maintained properly to ensure uninterrupted performances. Furthermore, it is not so difficult to maintain a generator. Just by periodic checkups, oil changing, and frequent cleaning of the parts a generator can be maintained easily.

If you brought a generator from a good company it will be easier to maintain as the generator will be of high quality. You can find good generators in Noida.

So let’s check out how to maintain generators properly

  1. Always keep it outdoors

Generators should be always kept outdoors and never kept indoors as they release poisonous fumes. So it should be kept in a well-ventilated place. Besides generators can get damaged in the absence of air so make sure to install your generator in a place that has enough breathing space.

  1. Change the oil regularly

Generators need regular oil changing for smooth operations. Most commercial generators need a oil filter change after 50 plus working hours. For best results you can refer to the owner’s manual that comes with your generator. You can find detailed information regarding the frequency to change oils in the handy booklet.

  1. Never fuel it directly

Generators should be fueleddirectly as it can damage the equipment and can be extremely dangerous. So it is recommended to turn off the generator and let it cool down before filling it with fuel. Although diesel generators are safer than petrol. So petrol generators should be handled very carefully.

  1. A good chord is important

It is also equally important to buy a good chord. All chords are different in terms of power loads and environmental effects. So if your generator is exposed to sunlight and rainfall for a long period of time then it is recommended that you buy a chord that can withstand environmental effects and exposure.

  1. Never run out of fuel

Completely running out of fuel can adversely affect your generator. It can bring a big repair bill or damage your equipment permanently. Therefore make sure that your generator is always filled with fuel and it never dry runs.

  1. Always change old fuel

It is a good idea to change old fuels. Fuels sitting in the oil tank for a long time can become foamy and damage the generator. So check your owner’s manual for instructions given on changing old fuels and how often you should consider changing it.

  1. Proper cleaning

To maintain a generator properly cleaning the parts more often is highly recommended. By proper cleaning, you can spot a oil drip clearly and also find any wasps nesting on your generator. Therefore your generator will be free of unwanted particles and display maximum functionality and efficiency.


So with a few tricks and tips you can properly maintain your commercial generator. Also diesel generators are easier to maintain than generators that run on petrol. Finally, there are professional generator maintenance services in India. So you can take the help of these services to properly maintain your generator.

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