The Most Common Mistakes During the Migration to Office 365

Office 365

Being a cloud-based program Office 365 encourages anywhere accessibility. Migrating to Office 365 comes with some benefits such as it is constantly updated, by which you can access all the latest utilities and upgrades right away, you also get some great participation of the other utilities with the top of range security. When businesses get these features in Office 365 then they decide to migrate their data from older platforms to Office 365. But the migration is a critical process and there are some common mistakes that are made by the users during the migration to Office 365.

If you are also planning to migrate to Office 365, prepare a list which is pre and post-migration list then avoid the below-mentioned mistakes. But first, see the list below:

Pre-Migration Checklist

i) Be prepared in advance:

The administration should have a proper project plan to migrate without any distinction in it.

ii) Construct On-premises Inventory:

Ensure the name of the user mailbox, email address, and their size. Storage location, configuration, client version, network settings, etc.

iii) Prepare the data to be migrated:

Some facts need to be check before migration such as active directory is updated or not, unusable accounts are removed, UPN of the origin and destination environments matching or not, email addresses are valid or not within proxy addresses to attribute, adherence requirements, etc.

iv) Set-up of Office 365 account:

Subscription and license of Office 365 have already be taken, verified domain names, the configuration of security permission, directory synchronization for Office 365 and single sign in.

Note: After completing the Pre-migration checklist also perform a test migration. 

Post-Migration Checklist

i) Execute Email Redirection and Caching:

After completing the migration it is necessary that the email account of the user should be redirected to Office 365. Also, check the Outlook account and confirm the status “This Folder

Is Up To Date”. 

ii) Give the License to the migrated mailbox

After the migration of mailboxes, it is necessary to assign the license to every mailbox otherwise it will be disabled after 30 days.

iii) Make Auto-discover DNS record

After making the Auto-discover DNS record it will help the users to connect their mailboxes to Outlook and other mobile clients.

iv) Downgrade the Source Environment

Finally, if you are sure that everything has done successfully and mailboxes have migrated to Office 365 account. You can downgrade the old on-premises Exchange server.

These were the vital pre and post-migration things to do. Now, see the avoidable mistakes during the migration to Office 365.

If, do not Understand the Requirements of Migration

Before the migration, you have to understand the actual need for migration and what are the benefits of this. Office 365 has several utilities that can’t be relevant to your business. That’s why to review everything and reach your essential requirements is important.

If You are not Aware of the Office 365 Applications

Office 365 has various services for different purposes like emailing, sharing, collaboration, etc. It also has multiple applications such as SharePoint, Yammer, Publisher, Skype for Business, Exchange Online, etc. You have to be aware of all the applications.

Understand the Migration a Work for the IT Department Only

Multiple businesses think the software and hardware update task is only for their IT department. But non-IT people can give better feedback on Office 365 migration. They can say what improvements are needed and what content doesn’t need to be migrated and what additional apps and tools could be added for better results.

Untrained Users do not Perform the Migration

When you are planning to migrate to Office 365 then do the deep preparation like what’s needed to change, what’s the need to be improved, etc. and keep the meeting of employees to understand why you are taking them on Office 365 platform. Train your department and tell them how they can bring a good ROI on the migration.

If Choosing the Wrong Migration Utility

Manual migration to Office 365 is too complicated and it considers the complexity of the environment. That’s why going for an automated utility to migrate Office 365 is a better option. There are various tools also available for migration of office 365 and migration of SharePoint.


I have discussed the most common mistakes during the migration to Office 365. As you saw manual method is too complicated to perform that’s why I would suggest using an automated Office 365 migration utility.

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