How to Write the MBA Admissions Essay That Will Get You into Harvard – 7 Top Tips

So, you have selected the dream University, application form has been filled up, recommendations are ready to proceed, now is the time for MBA application essay.

Why we need to have MBA essays?

Basically, you as a University get to know what qualities do an applicant has and do he/she is a fit for the University.

Talking about the point of view of students this piece of paper fill with words is selling technique. Means it is the form of essay that act just like your resume. It doesn’t matter that you are high GMAT scored person or your GPA is 3.5 as the application essay do not rely on scores but writing or topic.

So, do not worry so much there is the long list of tips and tricks on how to write an exceptional MBA essay that can land you with acceptance in Harvard business school.

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A trip to business school-MBA Essays that landed you an acceptance. 2

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A trip to business school-MBA Essays that landed you an acceptance

The cheap assignment writing service has jot down some tips and tricks to make your essay acceptable in the eyes of admission committee. Whoever is dreaming of taking admission in the MBA program of the Harvard Business school should avail  this opportunity.

Know Your Audience First

Whether you have to write a book or an article or any other sort of writing material you need to find out what is the prospective audience. Just like that you need to search for what your audience wants for the essay.

As a University first think of a plan on what needs to be engaging for a University to accept your MBA essay. Your audience is the admission committee and they need a students who is capable of scoring good grades, active member, have skills in leadership, teamwork.

Show your dedication or urge to achieve better

While writing an essay specially for promoting yourself you need to be expressive. Be an open book that can be judged or read carefully. Be authentic is fair enough as it’s not just you who have those writing papers fill up to be accepted  but others are waiting in the line for their paper to be read.  So, be specific in what interest you and what can you do in the future.

The Universities are more interested to know what makes you so passion about certain things and how much you know yourself.  Those who can convert their passion into something productive are more preferred by the admission committee.

Hand full of real examples will help

Real life examples and scenarios can make your vision clear to the admission committee. So, basically, talking about your experiences it will help them identify your passion and dedication. The assignment writer service UK has also discuss some points of MBA essay and evaluate that scenario base stories can make greater impact to the admission committee.

Several Rough Draft Possess a Perfect MBA Essay

By writing essays you must be extra careful for not making a rush and hush situation. Most of the students tend to wrap up their essays in a hurry without read and revising the content. If you are in a hurry you will not get the best input that needs to be presented. So, draft your essay not just one time but 3 to 5 times. When you feel like this is the proper or the final product that can be submitted then that is the one you will present.

Supporting stories will help explaining your quality

Find the specific and relevant quality of you that support your stories. Searching for best qualities with in you first you need to know yourself, and second you must explain your quality not in a way for instance I am have a strong leadership skills. No not like that. However, you must be expressive and be authentic of your explanation. Do not forget to impress your admission committee from your quality you possess.

Remember to Read, Revise, Proofread and Edit

We have always been instructed to read every sentence before submitting something. So, remember to proofread each and every line, spelling mistakes too. Sometimes, you write in a speed without seeing the words giving typo errors. These minors’ mistakes would not be accepted. As the main reason for a MBA essay is to see how the applicant writing is and how he/she comprehends those words into meaning. As said above while you craft the draft of the essay several times you might can the answer of what is being said. After all the revisions, don’t forget to edit your document as the alignment you set might get ruined.

Keep a set of time for a perfect MBA ESSAY

So, wrapping up the tips and tricks the final part is crucial to understand. Be on time, and do not be so lazy to complete at the last moment. Be specific in your phrases and sentences. Do not exceed your word limit described by admission committee. Create a proper outline do not just write it down whatever comes to your mind. Brain storm, jot down ideas and write it down each idea one by one, and if some ideas or not relevant to the point remove it immediately. Whatever you define about yourself give statements or claims that can surely attract them.

Important Point to ponder

First thing first, be genuine about the idea or facts you portray as it will help you in the interview section.

The second guideline is reflecting your passion, determination and enthusiasm for the MBA program. And the important part is it should be able to connect essay to your resume and recommendation.  Just like a resume, do not use one essay at every platform. Customized and improvised them each time you submit.