Top 5 Highest Rated Golf GPS Units and Buyer Guide


Based on consumer opinions and my own research the following is a list of the top 5 highest rated golf GPS units on the market. Each mini report includes the features and benefits that separate the GPS from the competition.

Click the link on the title of each unit for a complete report with consumer feedback.

Garmin Approach G3

Size: 2.6″ Screen

Included: Approach G3, Belt clip, USB cable, Owner’s manual

The detailed golf course maps provide golfers with accurate distance information about fairways, hazards and greens from any position on the course.

As you move through the course, the G3 unit will continuously update your position and show you the distance to each target or hazard.

The Approach G3 is a durable, waterproof touchscreen GPS unit with exacting distance measurements for thousands of pre-loaded courses.

Garmin GolfLogix GPS

Probably the most precise, durable and user-friendly golf GPS on the market. Fancy color graphics of some units have been traded for clarity and readability in the Garmin GolfLogix.

Unit holds up to 20 courses, and is very light weight. If you care about having the “latest” flashy GPS unit then the GolfLogix is not for you. However, it is made by Garmin, and may in fact be the most accurate golf GPS on the market.

Golf Buddy Tour

  • No membership or download fees.
  • Stores up to 20,000 courses and 1,000 scores; target information is preloaded.
  • Large, high-resolution color screen with dynamic green view which changes the shape of the green, depending on your angle of approach.
  • Runs on a rechargeable 12-hour Lithium Polymer battery with AAA battery backup.
  • The exact distance to greens, bunkers, lakes, lay-up points, and hazards.
  • Customizable target technology lets you customize your own targets.

With its unique automatic course and hole recognition feature, the GolfBuddy will automatically know which course you are playing and which hole you are on. This feature makes it one of the most popular GPS units for golf.

Garmin Approach G5

  • Waterproof GPS unit equipped with a 3-inch large easy-to-read screen display
  • Pre-programmed with US golf courses and their maps and includes fairways, hazards and greens, this would be the best golf buddy tour GPS device.
  • No Course download fees – Capable of downloading new maps without any additional charge.
  • Digital Scorecard allowing the handheld unit to be used up to 4 players and also enables you to save the readings for later use.

Golf Guru

  • The Golf Guru GPS system PDA golf rangefinder is not just a device used in golf course. This excellent all-in-one device enables you to listen to music, play movies, view pictures and with the help of optional software, you could even use this device for road navigation.
  • It has free access to over 20,000 golf course maps with 20-channel GPS and offers four read course information view-AerVu, TargetVu, SmartGreenVu and LargeVu.

These are the top rated golf GPS systems on the market. Do your own research to make sure the features match both your needs and budget when you’re ready to buy your golf GPS unit.

Top 7 Advantages of Golf GPS Units

If you want to buy a device to help you with your yardages on the golf course, you have two choices: a golf GPS unit, or a laser rangefinder for golf. In this article we explore the advantages of a golf GPS system. Most of the advantages listed below are from consumer reports by owners of GPS units who have used them to improve their confidence on the course.

#1 No Need to Aim

You don’t have to aim it at a target to get a yardage reading, like you would have to with a laser rangefinder. This can be an advantage if your target is not in your line of site; an elevated green or you are behind a bush for example.

#2 No Wobbling or Steadiness Problems

Also, you don’t have to have a steady hand or accurate eye to line up a GPS unit like you would with a range finder.

#3 No Need to Point or Acquire a Target

I started with a Sonocaddie laser rangefinder last year and really hated having to pick it up and focus every time. Plus sometimes hitting the flag through the viewfinder was a pain. So I switched to GPS.

#4 No Need to Avoid Background Objects

With GPS you walk up and take a glance to get yardages. With a laser, you have to have a steady hand, and sometimes (at least the few times I’ve used them) you can pick up a tree or whatever instead of the pin. And don’t forget the blind shots that can happen frequently.

#5 Greater Confidence

Anyone considering whether or not a GPS unit is even worth it; don’t think on it any longer. Imagine rounds so smooth. Hitting the ball so well since I can really judge the accuracy. Walk to my ball and say ok: 136 front, 150 center, pick a club, swing! It’s fantastic.

#6 Know the Front & Back Yardages to the Green

If you’re a medium to low handicapper the pin yardage is not always what you want to know. A GPS which tells me front/rear of green yardages. This helps me choose my club much better than just knowing the exact yardage to the flag stick.

#7 Learn to Think Like a Pro Golfer

Golf GPS units are about smart golf. Which is about playing to the right part of a green, and a basic knowledge of where the pin is enough to locate that spot. GPS is better at telling me the yardage to that “smart” location and therefore encourages smart golf.

The bottom line is that a golf GPS unit can improve your game. Not only by improving the confidence of your shot making, but also by providing better information to encourage better shot selection and course management, which is where most golfers lose strokes.

For information on specific units, see our Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews or for a complete listing of all the most popular units on the market.

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