5 Main Reasons To Choose VPS Hosting


Virtual Private Servers or VPS happens to be one of the most expensive types of hostings. Basically you get a private server. But, you don’t actually get a dedicated server, instead just a fragmentation that looks pretty much like a dedicated server. Therefore, you don’t share the resources of a virtual server with anyone else. Some of the benefits of this type of hosting are – enhanced security, improved flexibility, and reliable hosting resources.

Do you need more reasons to know why VPS is worth betting on and whether or not it is for you?

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Of course, if you are someone who plans on launching a regular blogging website where security is not the biggest concern, you might ignore this reason. However, for IT companies that are big on the security aspect, VPS is the best option to go with.

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It’s because users don’t have to share the common resources of a shared server space. Their website are hosted on individual virtual servers which leaves no room for exposure to threats of any kinds arising from other website’s activities.

The access to installed programs and personal files is exclusive. The companies take added security measures to discourage unauthorized access or attack by hackers. This is the very reason that most business ventures with websites where security is the top priority mostly go with VPS hosting.


If you look at shared hosting environment, you don’t get much room to play around. Meaning, you cannot install scripts of your choice because that falls into the web host’s arena. However, with VPR hosting, you get root access. With this control, the user can configure and install scripts of his own choice as well as the software. This is a highly favorable aspect for developers with advanced knowledge of server management.

You further get the freedom to install programs of your preference provided the software is compatible with the operating system. What’s more, VPS hosting supports unlimited web application so you can create a fully-functional website loaded with all the right features.


It’s a common misconception that VPS hosting is expensive. It might be costlier than shared web hosting but it’s not so costly as to discourage the user from buying a plan. In fact, the basic plans in the VPS arena starts pretty small. So, if you cannot shell out a huge sum of money, you can still go with a basic plan that houses all the essential features. What’s more, since you are not investing in or managing a physical server or hardware resources, the price is cut down substantially.

Lets you host multiple services

With VPS server hosting, you don’t get to host websites only. It comes handy for several other hosting needs as well. Virtual Private Servers provide excellent room for storing backups and files. You can also use them as FTP and e-mail servers.

This type of arrangement is favored by large and small companies alike as it allows management of remote files and offers a heightened sense of reliability and security. That’s not it! You can even use it as a lucrative investment by venturing into reseller hosting. You can use the resources of your server for hosting other websites and from there you can earn a lot of profit.

No limit on the resources

One of the most important things that gives VPS hosting edge over other types of hostings especially the shared one is the fact that you get access to unlimited resources such as bandwidth and space. One may argue that so does shared hosting. However, that’s only partially true. They may advertise things that way, but when one website starts consuming too much of server resources, others start competing for it and may face repercussions like occasional downtimes, etc.

The environment of VPS hosting is not limited by such restrictions. So, If you are big on using unlimited space and bandwidth without any sudden unpleasant surprises, then look no further than VPS hosting.


VPS clearly happens to be a winner when it comes to hosting arena. Sure, there are several other options, but when it comes to the best VPS hosting, it scores fairly good across all the major parameters. This is why it’s equally excellent option for small, mid and even large-scale establishments that want promising hosting services.

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