Perfect match: SEO and Design for Great Results


Building a successful website is a long-term process. There is no one way to succeed, and anything can bring desired results, as long as you’re putting in a lot of hard work and dedication. But, all great websites that are ranked on top of the search engine results page (SERP) have one thing in common – they are optimized for search engines, and they are beautifully designed. It’s safe to say that SEO, combined with proper site design, will make your webpage stand out from the crowd. Below you will learn why this combination always brings such good results.

SEO – what is it?

Search engine optimization is a practice, which aims to increase the amount of quality traffic on your webpage. Although SEO sounds like a term that focuses on engine optimizations, in reality, it’s knowing and understanding what people are looking for and which words they use in order to find the content that they want to see. Once you know it, it’s possible to build your website and optimize it accordingly, so that engine algorithms can understand what it’s about, and provide it to the right audience. 

Why is SEO essential for success?

There are many ways to generate website traffic, for example, by using social media or advertising. These are, of course, the right methods, and they are worth considering. However, the biggest number of visitors comes from organic traffic – and that’s where SEO importance comes from. What makes SEO better than any other marketing strategy is the fact that once it’s set correctly, it just brings people over time, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for that. Of course, at first, you have to create quality content, but once it ranks for specific keywords, you can just enjoy – there’s no need to pay for it constantly. So you have to work once, and then simply wait for results. The only thing you have to know is how to write for search engines to rank you high.

SEO tips for great results

A successful SEO strategy consists of a few dos and don’ts. When it comes to things to do, you have to remember that you create content primarily for people. According to Pro Rank Tracker experts, you should always aim to provide the most useful and user-friendly content. Writing for search engines is one of the most common mistakes, and it leads to nowhere.

Sometimes people try to improve search engine rankings by using some dirty tactics, such as keyword stuffing, cloaking or copying content. Initially, it might help a little, but it’s just temporary. Once Google algorithms find out that something is wrong, the website will surely be penalized, because it deceives visitors. Remember that correctly optimized websites should provide answers and solutions to people’s questions and problems. Only then it can be considered as valuable and engaging, and this is one of the essential requirements to be ranked high. You can also check the rankings on the SERP from WhatsMySerp tool. It allows you to add keywords and track their rankings. They even have a pro version available which allows you to add a few more keywords to track the rankings on the SERP.

SEO alone can bring great results. But, if you’re thinking of having an outstanding webpage, then you need a little more than that. Web design will let you achieve the ultimate success. Let’s say that you have created fantastic, helpful content, and your webpage is highly positioned. Unfortunately, you didn’t know much about web design, and therefore your webpage has serious web design flaws, which make your visitors leave because they don’t like how it looks or functions.

People tend to judge quickly. And when it comes to sites, it takes us 50 milliseconds on average to decide whether we like a webpage or not. They say that the site is the face of business. That’s why you have to make it not only visually attractive but also easy to navigate.

Properties of the well-designed webpage

So what are the elements of a well-designed website? First of all, it’s simple. Your visitors should be able to focus on what’s the main purpose of the website. It may be tempting to over-design the site, but when you make things simple, it will bring much better results.

Loading speed

Think about a page that you visit the most often. And now, imagine that every time you open it, you have to wait 10 seconds so that it can load. Nobody likes pages with long loading time; that’s why you have to create a webpage with fast performance.


It’s okay to use different font here and there, in order to emphasize the importance of specific things. But if you do it too much, then you won’t achieve the desired effect, but the very opposite thing. Your website will become illegible, and therefore unattractive. That’s why it’s much better to stay consistent and stick to one font only.


Because Google desire to provide the best user experience possible, they made mobile-friendliness basically a must. In order for any page to be successful and highly ranked, it has to be possible to display on devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

Both SEO and web design are crucial for every website, so it’s a great idea to mix them. Make sure to apply the essentials from this article, and then you’ll be able to watch how your website becomes wonderful, and the traffic goes up every day.

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