Planning an Essay: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners


Crafting an essay requires a thoughtful process of planning. When embarking on your composition, you must take into account the topic, length, format, sources or materials used in the paper, audience, and how detailed you will go with the subject matter. Here are some exercises that can assist in executing this preparation:

  • Crafting a list of facts, opinions, and questions about your topic before diving into writing is an effective process known as listing.
  • Jotting down essential details while exploring your themes;
  • Constructing a concept map to help organize your thoughts and ideas. Start by creating the primary topic, then branch off from there with smaller, related topics that lead back to the main idea.
  • Outlining is like a concept map, yet more textual than visual. It’s structured almost identically to an ordinary paper, with the main topic written at the top and its sub-topics listed beneath it.

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How to plan an essay


Crafting an exceptional composition can be a daunting task. However, it is possible if you approach the process methodically. Before beginning your final draft, spend some time in the planning stage to ensure that all necessary components have been taken into account- including topic, linkages between ideas, style, and intended audience. Additionally, research resources will assist your writing process as well as the purpose of the piece itself. With this preliminary groundwork, a robust first draft should soon follow – paving the way for a successful conclusion!

What is the intent of your paper? Is it one that seeks to persuade, entertain, or inform its audience? How long does it have to be for you to deliver all the information that needs covering? Do you get a say in this length requirement, or will you need to meet specific page count criteria set by an institution’s standards? Are there any formatting guidelines given, and should research beyond personal experience be taken into account when composing this assignment? In other words: what are your resources going to be as far as the material gathered goes?

Remember to factor in your audience. Are you trying to persuade someone or appealing to peers and teachers? Also, consider the scope of the project: is it too large for your allocated space or not comprehensive enough? With these considerations taken into account, you’ll be well on your way toward creating an effective piece!

When planning your writing venture, pay attention to the size of your topic. If you’re constructing a research paper, ensure that there’s plenty to write about; conversely, if it is only an essay, make sure it isn’t too vast, or else fitting everything in such a small space may be difficult. Taking all these components into consideration from the very start will help ensure success with whatever type of composition you are creating!

You can utilize various planning activities such as listing. You could compile facts, assessments, concepts, or anything that comes to mind in a jiffy and save them for later. Jot down whatever stimulates your imagination – these tidbits may eventually be the turning points of your paper! Don’t forget to write it all down on paper; this will help when revisiting these ideas at another time.


By taking the time to plan your essay, you are already one step closer to a successful outcome. Utilize all available resources to your advantage and take into consideration all aspects, from audience, format, and content, when tackling this task. If done correctly, an exceptional paper will have been created!


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