Programming Languages Software Engineers Should Use In 2023

Two decades ago, computer programming was considered a concept only mastered by experts in the field of software engineering. However, the growing demand in the field and the need for compelling designs have given rise to a plethora of options in the programming world. Today, IT jobs are in demand for software engineers and programming developers who master one or more of the programming languages to build sustainable and quickly manageable projects without much supervision.

Suppose you’re in the IT field and are exploring the benefits of new programming languages or planning to change your career path. In that case, you need to explore different programming languages in the vast programming world. Also, read this blog if you’re looking to become a software engineer and get a good glimpse of what the job would look like! Whether it is to develop a mobile application, build a website, manage it on the backend, or even earn a certificate, it is vital to learn the correct language to enhance its application in the real world.

Programming Languages

What is a programming language?

Programming language is a method of communication between the computer and software developers or programmers. Just like how humans use English, Spanish or other languages for communication, in the same way, computers also have different languages for every software application, which is built by strict rules which generate them into a machine code.

Hence, a programming language can also be defined as a set of instructions for the computer written in different languages like Java, C++, C, Python, and many others.

Programming Languages to learn in 2023

One of the significant ambiguities software developers and engineers face is choosing the correct programming language for their application development and website maintenance. In 2023, Python and JavaScript are the two most popular languages due to the ease of coding they offer with maximum benefits. However, every programming language is built with different frameworks for backend development. For example, Python uses frameworks like Django and Flask, while JavaScript uses NodeJS.


JavaScript is a client-side, high-level programming language used in 97.8% of websites. The language was earlier designed for building web browsers; however, now, it can be used in non-web browser applications and build server-side web deployments. Since Java revolves around developing web browser applications, software developers must know HTML and CSS to define the layout and content of web pages. Benefits of learning the language include:

  • Easy to learn and implement
  • It Can be used on almost all web browser applications and deployments.
  • Can run on client-side serves
  • Reduces the use and demand for web servers


Due to its easy readability and vast applications, it is considered one of the most popular languages in the programming world. Furthermore, Python is a free and open-source language with extensive modules for different frameworks. This allows easy integration with web servers and provides a user-friendly experience on the receiver end.

The world revolves around machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial intelligence, and Python has proved to be one of the best choices for all these concepts. In designing, software developers also use Python for 2D and 3D image printing and animations in packages like Autodesk, Inkscape, and more. In addition, many popular websites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora are also built on Python. The features of Python include:

  • Flexibility
  • Intuitive and easily readable
  • An extensive set of documentation
  • Scripted language


Despite the growing popularity of new programming languages like Python, Java is still used in most applications due to its Write Once, Run Anywhere features. Software developers also widely used Java for its portability and ability to connect mainframe networks around smartphones. Big Data is also a growing field that extensively uses Java programming language. Today, around 3 billion devices are running various applications built on Java. The development of new frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, etc, along with an extensive online community, makes it easy for backend developers to rely on the language for application and website development. Two significant benefits of learning Java include:

  • A good hold on programming and coding skills, which is much needed for beginners in programming
  • Ability to manipulate and access almost all computer functions, like sound, file systems, and others, on any operating system



SQL stands for Sequential Query Language, a database management standard. Software developers find it mandatory to learn database management systems, along with programming languages, to access and manipulate data. It is a declarative language that allows for database management in different environments and applications like data warehouses, web applications, and e-commerce applications. While there are other database languages in the programming world, SQL is one of the most popular for the following reasons:

  • Improved performance
  • High data integrity
  • An accessible way to manage and manipulate data
  • Compatible with different environments and operating systems

However, it is essential to note that it can be challenging for beginners to get the hang of it without prior knowledge of programming or database concepts.


Matlab is mainly used for scientific calculations by scientists and engineers. However, in recent times, programmers and developers are also gaining the benefits of the language in deep learning and machine learning applications. Programs built using Matlab can help in image processing, analyzing data, creating algorithms, and verifying mathematical and extensive research.

Matlab is easy to learn for beginners compared to other languages and is considered a beginner-level language. Benefits of learning Matlab include:

  • Ease of accessibility to test and run algorithms on specific platforms
  • Allows data visualization and analytics
  • It can be easily debugged

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