Ride-hailing app for travel & tourism market space: How to implement such a business idea?


We have seen travel transmute from being an activity to a hobby to a patient. These days, travel has become more of an excuse for escaping the mundane nature of your daily life. Travel is designed to break away from stress. However, there might be instances where traveling would become a stress in itself.

Travelling puts you in a land unknown. You have no idea about the locations, the services and the things you need to take care of a local level. Everything seems the same and yet so different. The way in which locals handle situations is quite different from how you handle it. Their familiarity with the services for travel, especially cabs and public transport leaves you wishing that you had that expertise.

However, the smartphone revolution has put the answers in your hands, literally. At the click of a button, you have access to all the information both global and local. With the smartphone in hand, you face the problem from the other side – the problem of plenty. With so many options to choose from, you are never convinced about what is right and what is wrong. The biggest challenge is that when one goes wrong, it cascades down to all the subsequent plans as the time of your travel is limited. If you do not find a cab at the right time, there are chances that the check-in time at the hotel might have lapsed and your room might have been passed on to someone else, especially during peak seasons.

With tourism becoming more mainstream, it would be a great idea to launch applications exclusively catering to travelers and tourists. The travel revolution is not confined to a single part of the world – it is a global phenomenon and the way in which travel manifests itself differs from place to place.

The combination of an inquisitive traveler and a smartphone with access to the location and global data is a great convergence for travel-related information and for the utility of travel applications.

Capitalizing on the Smartphone

As discussed earlier, smartphones give global information with a local filtration. Applications and businesses like Uber that have their presence all across the world surely help in travelers finding the right and reliable cabs. In addition to that, applications like HolidayIQ present local information about offbeat attractions that travelers can explore.

Converging the Numbers

Many hands make light work and many people make travel cost-effective. There are tourists who visit a place with a huge group of friends or colleagues and even more so, there are tourists who are willing to tag along with another group of complete strangers to explore more of the group in addition to the place.

Organizing these large groups could be a big hassle. The lining for tickets, the waiting at bus depots and finding the right rented vehicles is bound to be a challenge. An application that exclusively assists these large crowds will be of great help for people who travel in large groups.

An application like this has special use-cases as well. There might be instances where a large group of women wants to travel without any compromise on safety. Establishing the credibility of the driver and the service provider in this regard could surely help.

Elevating the Spectrum of Cab Services

We have been so used to the interface and the way in which traditional cab applications like Ola or Uber or Lyft function. However, the requirement for a traveler could be quite different. They might not know the exit gates of the airport and where exactly to board the cab. With the help of ready-made app solutions like Uber clone app, you can develop such an app.

More than creating an exclusive application, a simple add on for travelers could be a welcome move. Using the combination of the source of their travel and the GPS signals, the cabs could be at the perfect waiting spot. It might also factor in the landing time of the flights and the general behavior of the flight’s exit-formalities. To extend it further, the cab service can send a driver who is comfortable in the language of the tourist.

As a holistic tourist application, this app can also feature hotel bookings, train bookings, and timings and even tickets to local attractions. After all, a traveler would surely love an all-in-one solution.


Travel is all about exploring places around, enjoying local food and staying in the right places. On the surface, it might seem like there are a lot of applications that exist for this purpose. There is Google Maps for local attractions, Zomato for exploring and ordering food, and Uber for local commute. However, for a traveler, things are quite different and they might not have quite a lot of ideas about the unexplored places that have failed to make it to the mainstream listings. An exclusive travel app that is filled with the information given by both locals and earlier travelers could very well be the solution that backpackers look for, especially when today’s travel is about being impulsive and random.

Jennifer Atkinson
Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker & marketer for Uber clone app from Appdupe. She loves to travel and explore new places. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations etc. She enjoys sharing her ideas and experiences with readers and believes that she can make a better place for startup entrepreneurs.

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