6 Tips For Attorneys To Manage Their Reputations Online


In 2019, when technology has leaped, the internet is the first place where people look up for reviews and other details before trying anything out. Whether it is regarding food, clothes, or a movie, people first search for reviews and then make their choices.

When it comes to serious matters, such as choosing a lawyer, a university, or any other issues in which risks cannot be taken, people focus on the information and reputation that is accessible online. Having a good reputation online dramatically influences the response your business gets from the potential clients.

Here we have listed some tips for you to increase your business prospects as an attorney via the interwebs:

1. Request your clients for feedback

As mentioned above, people tend to consider online reviews, so the lawyers need to have great reviews about them. As the number of your good reviews increases, the chances of having more clients also increase rapidly. After every service you provide to a client, make sure to ask them to give you feedback.

Considering the feedback, if the reviews aren’t all positive, make sure you still respond to them and accept your mistake. Once you have accepted your mistake, or where you lack, concentrate on reducing your shortcomings. This will improve your services, and the clients will know that you value them. Do not ignore the constructive criticism that you receive. This tip takes the lead out of all the online reputation management tips for lawyers.

2. Keep your website up to date

You need to keep your website updated. This is the first place your potential clients land. Make sure that the services you provide are correctly mentioned in detail, so people know your expertise. Mention any awards or certifications that you have received, let people know about any media coverages you ever got, and your achievements. Another smart way to keep your website attractive is to mention your success rate; people would like to know what percentage of cases you have won and lost.

Make sure to provide all the contact information, including email address, contact number, and your firm’s address.

3. Keep yourself prepared

Tracking and addressing concerns are two most important things. Ask your communication department to keep track of all the rumors and negative reviews that may be spreading. Always address these issues, whether through media coverage or with the help of social media. Know that it is essential for you to clear any misunderstandings that people may have regarding you.

Always be ready for any forthcoming crisis in the industry, and don’t let people ruin your name. You must always be ready with a crisis management plan so you can protect your reputation before it’s too late.

4. Make online and printed surveys for your clients

Provide online and printed surveys to your clients. Research shows that 91% of people trust online reviews, just like personal recommendations. Many people may not give you a review, but once you hand over a survey to them, they will be more inclined to share their reviews about the services you provided.

You can post these surveys confidentially on your website so people can know what other people have to say about you and the services you provided.

5. Engage in public discussions

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of engaging in public discussions when we talk about reputation management.

Lawyers need to speak in places that can get them publicity. When a lawyer speaks in a public debate, people discover more about that lawyer, in simple words, they get to know that this lawyer exists which may get you more publicity.

6. Provide online sessions

This is the most important tip out of all the tips we have in the bucket. Give your best when dealing with a client.

Many clients cannot come and meet you personally due to many reasons, such as strict working hours or security reasons. If you provide online services to these clients, through video calls, you can gain a large number of clients.

You need to stand out in a field that is rapidly getting saturated. When you keep in mind the concerns of your clients, you will reach heights that none of your rivals ever have. Try to keep yourself in your client’s shoes, and do not take your profession only as a business.

Parting Words:

On a final note, the legal profession is very delicate. No risks can be taken in this field, as most issues are very critical and very serious for several people. Be it a property case, or a situation where someone has lost their dear ones, apart from a legal consultation, they also require to be consoled and understood. Make it your motto to give the best services you can; all other factors come in to play later for your business to bloom!

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne is the mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics. Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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