Saving YouTube Videos with Movavi Screen Recorder


As the largest and most popular video sharing platform in the world, it goes without saying that there are lots of great videos on YouTube – some of which you probably watch frequently. However it may not be convenient to always stream the videos that you want to watch, especially not if there are certain videos that you watch on a regular basis.

Although YouTube itself doesn’t provide you with an option to ‘save’ its videos, you can work your way around that by using Movavi Screen Recorder. As you may have guessed based on its name, you will essentially use it to record the YouTube video from your screen so that you can save it and watch it at any time.

To be honest learning how to save a YouTube video with Movavi Screen Recorder is much easier than it sounds. If you want to get started, open up the YouTube video that you want to save but pause it so that it doesn’t play till you’re ready to record.

Next launch Movavi Screen Recorder and trace a frame over the YouTube video using your mouse cursor. Once you do the interface should appear, and you can adjust the frame further or use one of the presets under ‘Capture Area’ if you prefer.

On the interface you should check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted, or click on it if it isn’t. Additionally you may want to click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon if you would like Movavi Screen Recorder to automate the recording by setting a timer to stop it automatically, or scheduling both a start and stop time.

If you are starting the recording manually, press ‘REC’ to begin and play the YouTube video shortly after that. Similarly if you want to stop it manually you just need to hit the ‘Stop’ button and Movavi Screen Recorder will stop recording, save the video automatically, and open it in a ‘Preview’ window.

Within the ‘Preview’ window Movavi Screen Recorder will allow you to go over the recording, trim out any parts that you don’t want, and save it when you’re done. If you want to save the video in a different format you can opt to do so as well, or you could use the built-in presets to optimize it for various devices and platforms.

As you can see it really isn’t difficult at all to set up Movavi Screen Recorder so that it saves a YouTube video. To be honest the same applies when you want to record any kind of video footage from your screen – regardless of whether it is to create a video guide of your own, save a video call, or anything else for that matter.


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