Big Data & In-House Servers: A Relationship Made In Heaven


As per the IT specification, Big Data is the collection of data that can either be complex or simple. The data in such cases are so large that it cannot be easily stored, searched captured or visualized using specific tools. For the processing of the big data it is essential that appropriate software and storage systems should be installed. In house servers are the set of hardware that stores big data information.

With each passing day, IT sector has undergone various developments that have really changed the global outlook. The major issue which the small startup companies face is the tight budget. The cloud computation on the other hand helps the business to easily access to the resources without incurring much. It hinders various drawbacks of the existing technology especially against the issues relating to cyber security.

Importance of In-house servers and cloud computing technique

When appropriate environment is set up for the cloud computation, the efficiency of big data analytics automatically enhances. Nowadays, different media and online platform is looking to upgrade their cloud environment in order to explore more and more opportunities.

  • Cloud utilization: In the world of enterprise, the big data analytics is really very essential. With the utilization of cloud features, it becomes quite easier to analyze, track and act on the insight tools. When the big data and cloud is computed together, it consequently enhances the value of the data. One cannot underestimate the value of the cloud and big data analytics.
  • Significance of in house servers: An in house server is the hardware which is installed in the system itself and provides wide array of storage facilities. The costing of such storage facilities is quite reasonable as compared to other forms of storage like cloud. One does not have to depend upon the cloud providers in order to fix the issue or replace the existing server.
  • In house servers are highly flexible: Companies that want flexible storage facilities choose in house servers than looking for cloud computation. If the data is growing constantly in the large IT environments, one can particularly depend upon such servers. Even new features can be easily implemented while making few modifications as required.

In the past years, big data processing was quite expensive and cumbersome as well. Unless and until the businesses are active, it is quite difficult to analyze the recent data and changes that has to be modified. In order to store such a big volume of data, in house servers are really a great option. It is however essential to find appropriate experts to do so. Too much technical superiority is not necessary as it is required in cloud computation. Pros and cons of in house servers over cloud computing.


  • The capacity of the big data is not at all affected with in-house servers. This feature however is dragged out in the cloud environment due to several changes that has to be implemented.
  • Storage performance of the big data is not at all compromised with in-house servers. As per many cloud service providers, issues in big data analysis are generally magnified.
  • Changes and replacement work due to high volume of data is quite easy in such servers. However, it is essential to consult the cloud providers in order to replace the cloud servers.


  • Security factor is bit compromising in the in house servers. On the other hand, cloud servers are highly secured as it requires password and necessary identifications for each access.
  • The maintenance cost of such servers is also high as one has to get it fixed in case of any issues. Though there are no any issues yet the annual maintenance cost of these servers are bit high.
  • If the hardware crashes suddenly without being backed up, there are chances that you might lose the entire information stored in the system.

When big data analysis and in house servers are considered concurrently, one should analyze whether it would benefit your business prospects or not. Choose such alternatives that are cost effective, speedy and secured as well. However, the big data analysis fits perfectly with the in house servers mainly because the amount of data to be stored is bit high and such servers are appropriate. But it is essential to back up the filed on regular basis to avoid any losses.

In order to know more about it, you should approach some experts and check out the services of the companies. With the help of Hewellet Packard Enterprise, one can easily note down its necessary features. Management of the servers is very essential part of the IT department in order to avoid any cyber issues. An outsourcing company surely make such strategies which keep the data and files of the clients secure.


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