Searching for A .NET Developer: A Guide


In our previous post, we’ve given you a basic guide on dot net development services. Now, we want to go further in assisting you in finding the right developer for your .NET project. Let us show you what to look for so that you can differentiate between good and bad services.

So let’s begin!

Qualify Your .NET Developers

The developers for the projects have to be handpicked. They must show that they’re qualified by showing certificates and diplomas. This will show that they’ve passed a certain amount of professional tests and having a piece of sample codes in a specific coding language (Python, Java, Ruby, etc.).

Make sure that their code is lines are double checked to prevent any debugging issues.

What Sources Should My Development Service Know?

When it comes to finding a good developer, they should have some previous experience in being a full stack developer. It might be misleading, but .NET and full stack developers are known for making end-to-end answers and solutions to computing problems.

However, when most clients want a full stack developer, they want a developer that’s a C#/ASP.NET developer that has some Javascript skills.

The challenge is finding the right developers and services. Candidates tend to have the stronger position and certain things (i.e., coding languages, computing technologies, etc.). While hiring them is a huge decision, taking a long 2-3 interview stage process might be a waste of time as well. You might miss out on good developers that have practical skills within the .NET coding industry.

This means that you don’t want to place inexperienced coders on the seats either. Make sure that they put in the hours of completing their work. Your dot net development services need to be dedicated and ready to create your app or help you in your project. Place reliable, talented developers on your team.

Flexible Working Hours

Find a team that can talk terms on their working hours. For instance, your dot net development services should tell you how busy they are and their most convenient hours. Doing this ensures that your team is effective at communicating with you about their status on the project.

How Much Does an Experienced Developer Cost?

Remember, you want to pay for quality and not quantity. You don’t want to pay cheap for a developer if you’re trying to develop an efficient app that’s appealing to you and your future customers. Expect to pay about $28-50 for intermediate level developers.

For high-end developers who are experts in their field, you will pay around $100-$300 an hour for their services. This is the best way to go if you have the budget for it, and it increases the chance of your apps being completed without any mistakes.

We suggest that you pay for the best option. You don’t want any inexperienced developers working on your project. Outsourcing your dot net development services is great, but you will have to pay if you want reliable workers to create your app on .NET.


Overall, your dot net development services require good developers who are capable, flexible, and punctual on project deadlines. This can cost around $2,000-$50,000 depending on the quality and complexity of the project, so you have to plan what you’re paying for. Ultimately, doing this allows you to have a finished .NET app that can be a valuable asset to you and your business.



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