Creating a Content Marketing Strategy: The Step-by-Step Approach 

You must have heard a phrase- Content is King. Well, to tell you, it’s an old saying that content marketers have used innumerable times. Let’s not talk about it now, because you are already familiar with these popular wordings.

Let’s focus on a few stats and numbers that will surely generate interest if you want to promote your content.

  • 86% of consumers say that the authenticity of the content plays a significant role in leading to purchasing decisions, while 94% of users remain loyal to a brand if it offers complete transparency.
  • 78% of customers give priority to personally relevant content, which influences their buying decision.

Thus, whether you are just beginning to frame your content marketing strategy or have done that previously, you must keep revising it to increase your conversion rates. Make it a point to update your strategy with innovative ideas and burning trends to keep users visiting your site.

Also, you have to keep an eye on the cutthroat competition, which is getting steeper with each passing day. According to research, the B2B companies have invested 40% of their budget on content marketing last year.

Defining Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content marketing strategy, you have to deal with many different things to get the desired result. First, you need to chalk out a plan, curate highly relevant content, distribute, share, and publish it on different platforms so as to target your potential audience.

The format of the content can be in any tangible media such as written, visual, audio, multimedia or downloadable. Your content defines your expertise and the industry that you cater to.

Formulating and executing a result-oriented content marketing strategy is not an easy task. If it would have been this easy, most businesses would be just focussing on their Inbound Marketing. But the fact remains that if you are not too familiar with this, you need to work with a specialized content marketing agency to help you understand the finer details. From researching on the keywords, to generating the different types of content, a good content marketing agency can be a real asset for any brand.

Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Well, you have different outbound marketing strategies that help you in generating lead and sales. But somewhere down the line, you find you are not able to reach your desired customers. Now, this is where content marketing can be a great asset for your business promotion.  Content Marketing Strategy can-

  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Inform and educate your audience more about your products and service.
  • Strengthen and boost your relationship with your customers
  • Tell your audience how useful your product is and how it will solve their issues.
  • Create a community for your brand.

But before you plunge into planning a content marketing strategy, you have to sort out a few things-

Identify Your Target Audience

Do you know who your target audience is? Please note that you will have different types of readers and so create your SEO Marketing strategy accordingly.

Also, you need to have a clear understanding of the problem that your product and service will solve. Your content will highlight the issues and suggest suitable ways to address them.

An effective content strategy will cater to the needs of both types of customers; existing as well as new.

Focus on Variety of Content Format

You need to decide which format you want the content to get published. Is it going to be a blog post, an article, Infographics, Whitepapers, or videos?

In addition to that, you also need to take a call on various channels to publish the content. You can publish it on your own website or choose different guest posts sites for doing the same job. Other channels include social media platforms and forums.

Types of Content Marketing

If I ask you how will you succeed in content marketing, what will be your answer? You may reply by framing an exclusive and outstanding content marketing strategy.

Well, of course, that’s an important aspect but you also need to have an idea about different types of content marketing. Let’s have a brief idea about it.

  • Social Media Content Marketing
  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Podcast  Content Marketing
  • Infographic  Content Marketing
  • Paid Ad Content Marketing
  • Video  Content Marketing

The Steps to Creating a Unique Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you are aware of the different types of content marketing, it’s time to divert your attention to creating an effective content marketing strategy that can drive traffic to your website. You can approach the following steps-:

Define your goals

What is the real motive behind building the content marketing tactic? Why are you planning to develop a content strategy? It’s important to answer these questions and identify your goals before beginning with the job.

Research on What Type of Content Clicks

The next step is conducting research on what type of content will click into the market. Go through the top sites that showcase the same content and find out what’s unique about them. You are aware that while some content receives several likes and comments within a few hours of getting published, others remain unattended.

Yes, it’s true that Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in content optimization, but you also must ensure that it’s highly relevant and unique.

Doing a Content Audit

It’s important to explore the different niches of content marketing. For instance, if you are a regular blogger, you can try out writing an e-book that complies all your blogs and information into a single comprehensive guide.

Selecting a Content Management System

It’s important to manage your content as well for which you need an appropriate platform known as Content  Management System or CMS. There are many popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal or Joomla that help in managing your content. However, you’ll want to research whether there are more relevant CMS platforms that better fit your niche or industry, such as Glass multiple location CMS for franchise or chain businesses.

Brainstorming Content Ideas

Once you have chosen a particular CMS platform, it’s time to brainstorm on some fresh and new content ideas for your next project.  Here too, you can take support from different useful tools such as BlogAbout, Feedly, BuzzSumo, and many more. Managing your content.

If you are looking for the right partner to promote your content, get in touch with our expert marketers.

Determining the Type of Content

We have discussed this earlier as well that you can create different niches of popular content to draw user attention. These include blogs, articles, press releases, case studies, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, podcasts, and videos, etc.

Publishing the Content

In the last step, the focus must remain on publishing the content. Try to publish the content on time and don’t delay the process. Consider hiring the use of a content management service in order to help you schedule posts. Such a service would not be limited to only offering you this help but it can be greatly beneficial especially if you have a busy schedule yourself. A prominent example becoming more popular at the moment are services such as Lust MGMT for OnlyFans content creation. Management services like this help to schedule posts at a regular time regardless of the creators time zone, furthermore – such management agencies help to analyse which content is more successful during peak hours and so will consult with you to produce content which they can publish at a later date which might see it be more successful with subscribers.

On An Ending Note

Content Marketing is one of the intricate parts of the digital marketing strategy that helps you to generate more leads and drive more readers to your website. The journey of creating a content strategy passes through several processes such as choosing the right tools, format, and approach. Also, you need to learn the technique of managing your content using CMS systems.