The Top 7 Mobile Testing Tools to Help You QA Your App

The Top 7 Mobile Testing Tools to Help You QA Your App

Whether you’re testing your mobile app or other software product, it’s essential to utilize the right tools to ensure everything works properly, and there are no bugs that could harm your reputation or bottom line.

Mobile Testing Tools allow you to automate the testing of your iOS and Android apps. Mobile Application Testing Software can help you reduce time and minimize the chance of human error during the test execution.

If you want to make sure your application works across multiple devices, you’ll need to find the right mobile testing tools to help you test your app before launching it. With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to decide which tool will work best for your needs. Here are the top seven mobile testing tools that we recommend checking out if you want to find an excellent product for your project.


TestGrid lets users test their mobile apps on real devices on-premise or on-cloud and also on premise..

Your testing and business teams can collaborate to create and execute test cases. TestOS allows users to reuse nearly all of their test cases on multiple app versions, so they don’t need to worry about writing new tests.


  • Automated mobile app testing scriptless that generates downloadable Appium and XCUITest codes.
  • AI-based, no-code automation
  • Performance testing can help you optimize and improve your app
  • Reuse is already written test cases on multiple apps.
  • Parallel testing allows for quicker test execution and market launch
  • Both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • For continuous testing, integrate with your favourite CI/CD tool.


Kobiton allows users to control mobile devices during manual testing. It supports multi-touch gestures and orientation and GPS simulations. Also, it can control the camera, speaker, and device connection management. Kobiton automatically generates activity logs that record all actions taken during testing sessions. It makes it easier to identify and resolve issues quickly.


  • The most recent cloud-based configurations and devices
  • Centralized Testing history and data logs for better collaboration
  • Internal Device Lab Management to make internal devices more efficient
  • Appium 1.6.4 Support
  • A simplified user interface can now simplify test sessions
  • Get started quickly with a free trial – you don’t need a credit card.
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Appium is an open-source automation testing platform that can be used to test both Android and iOS apps. Appium is a powerful tool for mobile and web application testing. Appium is also used for hybrid apps. Appium works across all platforms and can be used on Mac, Windows, and various Linux systems.


  • Multiple language support – End-to-end testing of multiple programming languages like JavaScript, Node, Python, Ruby, C#, and JavaScript.
  • Allows you to test on iOS and Android devices with the same API.
  • Testers can record and playback test scripts in multiple programming languages to speed up the testing process.
  • Easy integration with Jenkins and other popular tools for CI/CD


TestComplete is another excellent tool for mobile application testing. SmartBear’s automated UI testing framework. TestComplete allows you to create, maintain, execute, and monitor UI tests for desktop, mobile, or web apps.

It supports both hybrids as well native app testing. TestComplete allows you to run tests on emulators and real devices. It’s a flexible tool with script- and scriptless options.


  • Support multiple mobile platforms
  • Supports JavaScript and JScript, DelphiScript and Python.
  • This feature allows you to record and replay tests and create them without writing code.
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools like Git and project management tools like JIRA.
  • Automated GUT testing on Android and iOS devices


Katalon is a top codeless automation tool built using Appium and Selenium engines. You can run tests on any OS, browser, or device. It uses graphs, charts, and reports to visualize test results and data. It also allows you to operate on both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructures.


  • For beginners, codeless testing is possible – no programming knowledge is required.
  • Easy setup and test creation using keywords, images, record and playback.
  • Flexible test reusability across API, mobile, and web platforms.
  • Allow you to Integrate with popular project management tools like JIRA.
  • Cross-environment testing is possible. Remote execution of tests can be done with real devices, simulators, or cloud-based platforms such as LambdaTest.
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Calabash is an open-source automation testing tool for iOS and Android native apps. It lets you create and execute automated acceptance tests for mobile applications. It is also completely free of charge than just being open source. Calabash is maintained and developed by Xamarin.


  • Calabash has separate libraries for Android and iOS.
  • It includes libraries that enable test-code to interface with native and hybrid apps programmatically.
  • Calabash supports the cucumber framework. It allows testers to communicate the behaviour of an application in simple English. It makes it easy for those unfamiliar with coding to understand the application.
  • Calabash includes access to the Xamarincloud, which has over 1000+ devices for testing your application.


Test Automation provider Perfecto is one of the most popular web and mobile app testing platforms. They use a cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab to provide quality-first tests to new applications.

Perfecto allows developers to complete their tests quicker, thanks to Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD), codeless automation, and parallel test executions. They can also integrate Perfecto with Bitrise, the leading DevOps tools, Espresso, XCUItest, Selenium, and Appium.


  • Developers can install APK files or third-party apps on remote devices easily using their install widget
  • Both iOS and Android devices are compatible
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive
  • Export and import test scripts to any account
  • Offers script scheduling
  • Supportive and responsive
  • Execution reports are available in PDF format.


Whether you’re an app developer, a marketer or someone working for an agency, we hope these tools will help improve your mobile testing results. TestGrid is the best tool for automated mobile testing. Our cloud-based testing platform allows developers to test native, hybrid, mobile web apps across all the relevant browsers / OS platforms.

It includes iOS, Android and Mac OS. Remember that there are many tools out there and that depending on your requirements, some of these might be more useful than others. The key is to try them all and see which ones work best for you.

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