The Ultimate Technology to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Cockroaches are the worst pests to deal with. Apart from the fact that they can cause damage, they also bring a variety of illnesses to our family. This is the reason why people are crazy about this new technology that can repel cockroaches.

But before we get to that, we need to understand why cockroaches infest our houses in the first place.

Food and Shelter

Cockroaches are normally outdoor pests.  However, there comes a time when they seek protection from the cold weather.  These creatures are considered as a common winter pest. This is not because they can withstand freezing temperatures. It’s actually the opposite. They need to find shelter before winter comes.

The most ideal place where they can outlive the winter is human houses. This has enough warmth, moisture, and food they need to survive. Cockroaches are attracted by the crumbs we leave every time we eat. They are engrossed by the moisture that the leaking pipes cause. This is why these creatures are common in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Cockroaches are hard to eliminate

These creatures, by far, are the most enduring pests of all time. Did you know they can withstand a nuclear attack? Small as they are, they are cunning creatures. They don’t have to worry about food because they can eat anything including debris.

Roaches are considered hydrophilic.  They love water so much that they can’t live without it. They can live for weeks without solid food. But roaches can’t live without water for two days or so.

I know that you have tried flushing a cockroach down the toilet. You might think this is working. It’s not. Cockroaches can hold their breath for about 30 minutes. That is more than enough time before they reach the solid ground. You’re only flushing them back to their home without killing them.

Then, there’s this option of removing their heads. Here’s a fun fact, the respiratory organ of cockroaches is not on their heads. They have it in random areas on their bodies. So, even if they don’t have heads, they can still live for seven days or more.  This is more than enough time to spread more bacteria.

Diseases Caused By Cockroaches

One of the most common illnesses caused by roaches is Salmonellosis. This illness is characterized by diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, and nausea. Although most people recover from this illness within 3 to 5 days, people still need precautions to avoid it.  Children are more susceptible to Salmonellosis because they often put their hands in their mouths. If they get in contact with contaminated areas, they can acquire this illness. Unlike adults, they don’t have the mechanism to care for themselves yet. This is why thousands of children are brought to the hospital with food poisoning.

Cholera is a form of the diarrheal infection caused by bacteria. A person gets infected with this disease when he or she ingests contaminated food. Cockroaches can easily spread the bacteria through their vomit and feces.  According to the World Health Organization, 4.3 million get infected by cholera each year.  This results in around 142,000 deaths. That is one of the reasons people prevent cockroaches from infesting homes.

Ultrasonic Pest repellent

Luckily, scientists have discovered a new way to repel insects such as cockroaches and mice. This ultrasonic pest repeller is designed to eliminate and control household pests.  It works by emitting a sound that is inaudible to humans and animals. However, it is irritating and mind-blowing to pests.

This ultrasonic device is plugged into an electrical outlet. Then, it emits a high-frequency sound that disrupts insect activity.  According to findings, the frequency causes seizure responses to a variety of pests. This is characterized by convulsions, non-directional running, and cerebral hemorrhage.

This device hampers the ability of cockroaches and rodents to gather food, breed, and build their nests.  They have no choice but to look for another place to infest. That is, if they can make it out alive.

If you’re looking for a way to permanently control pest infestations, this ultrasonic pest repellent is the best thing to do so. You can purchase this on Amazon and other online stores at a very affordable price. What are you waiting for? Invest your money in something cheap yet effective in eliminating pests for good.

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