Self-Care For The Summer: Play Away Your Stress


Summertime is self-care time. But during these unpredictable and messy circumstances, it’s quite easy to overlook your health and wellbeing despite being at home. If you’re working from home, there’s no time to pamper yourself. And those having no work, lack a proper routine. So you’re bound to feel stuck and frustrated. But you’ve got to make time for yourself and fight those feelings of stress.

What can help?

Get playful, bring your inner child out, and make this summer the summer of self-care in the real sense. Play your stress away – try block puzzle games!

Why block puzzles?

These are fun, relaxing, easy to play, and addictive. Block games have been a staple for ages. There’s no limitation of a language or calculations – just some blocks and pleasing gameplay. Moreover, these are also satisfying considering the current times of heightened uncertainty.

Which block puzzle is the best?

If you check out the app stores or websites online, you’ll find dozens of block games lined one after the other. So choosing the best one and the one that’s worth trying helps you experience true gameplay. But which one’s the best? Here are our favorite block games that you must try this summer to keep your stress at bay. Let’s begin:

Unblock Me: It’s a puzzle of rearranging the blocks in the given space. The best thing about this game is that you can choose either its relaxing mode or the challenging one and go about it at your pace.

BlockuDoku: The BlockuDoku block puzzle game is our personal favorite. It’s a no-nonsense game with just the right and needed elements. Your aim is to keep the board clean and score more by making as many streaks and squares as possible. It’s such a straightforward game and a perfect blend of Sudoku with blocks – we’re sure you’ll love this classic favorite. 

Block Puzzle Gem: In this game, you just need to drag and place the blocks to beat your best scores. It’s fun, it’s challenging, has fantastic sound effects, plus the visuals are great too!

Block Puzzle Mania: This is an interesting one where you arrange the shapes like Tetris but work around the lines of a block game. There’s only one mode and nothing too complicated.

Wood Block Puzzle: This is yet another relaxing block puzzle with straightforward controls and a very relatable old-school theme of blocks. It’s easygoing, entertaining, and addictive.

So that’s about it!

Puzzle games aren’t at all draining or boring. And now is the time when you most need something that can easily glide into your everyday self-care routine. Playtime tempts you to let out your creativity, imagination, and that stress-free attitude. So, just sit back, sip your detox tea, and play away from your summer stress.

Raj Hirvate
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