Top 10 Applications to the Smartphone which facilitate students learning


Nowadays, technological progress has substantially changed the way in which students acquire education. New technology is moving forward at breakneck speed, and it has stunning applications for learning, which will develop your skills and knowledge base. So, today is the era of mobile learning and smartphones can be used not only for entertainment. It is the most popular way of spending leisure time among students as well as for education. Computers and digital devices replace traditional printed books because they are always close at hand.

What is an application?

The latest trend that made the revolution in education is the development of applications. An application is a software based on a computer that performs specific functions. Digital applications can expand your memory and knowledge. They make students learning more comfortable and more convenient. Students can move to the next level of education without the help of a teacher or parents. If you want to know more about technology click here to investigate and read more essays about it.

Top 10 Useful Applications


This application supports the following formats: fb2, ePub, mobi, txt, doc, rtf, html. FBReader has a lot of settings ranging from font formatting, background, screen brightness, flip animation to particular CSS style settings, library synchronization, dictionaries, and translators. Furthermore, FBReader includes a network of online catalogs with a variety of literature.


Duolingo is a popular application that will help you improve your knowledge of a foreign language in practice. You can improve reading, speaking, writing and listening skills. There are plenty of languages to explore, including the most popular: English, Spanish, French, and German. The education takes place in the form of a game because it is funnier and more productive.


Students can use Evernote for various purposes, from creating simple text, handwritten notes, and lists to structured notebooks. They will be able to save web content entirely from browsers to Evernote and work with documents. Finally, it is worth pointing out the possibility of formatting text in records, adding notes by email, attaching labels and an unlimited number of different files.

WPS Office + PDF

WPS Office allows you to save documents offline on your gadget, as well as in one of the cloud storage. Also, the user can attach ready-made documents to the notes in Evernote. The exclusive function of the application is SharePlay for sharing documents. It can be used, for instance, to demonstrate and manage the presentation during the lecture.

Google Drive

With the help of Google Drive, you can store and view photos, videos, share links to files, make them available offline, add users to share documents. The advantage of the cloud-based Google Drive service is the ability to create text documents, charts and presentations in formats that are compatible with Microsoft Office.


This application is an organizer. It performs one of the main functions in the organization of the educational process of each student — the timetable of classes. You can fill the time intervals of classes, subjects, audience and even teachers. Besides, TimeTable++ can automatically turn off the sound during classes and notify you of important events.

Google Translator

It is a top-rated app among students. By installing it on your smartphone, you can quickly translate any text from 90 languages. An instant translation is available in 26 languages with the camera. The text can not only be typed on the keyboard but also written with a finger.


Grasshopper is an application that allows you to learn the basics of programming in JavaScript, taking free short lessons. Learning in this new service is presented in the game form, and takes place in a simple model of the designer. With the help of this app, you can also boost your knowledge of English.


To take a photo of a timetable, an assignment, a couple of pages from a textbook or a lecture in its entirety is quite a common task for a student. It does not require the installation of an additional program on a smartphone. Another thing occurs when it comes to dozens of pages from a book or other documentation, and it is desirable to digitize this data quickly. In this case, the irreplaceable application will be Scanbot. It assumes the function of the software scanner, using the capabilities of the camera of the mobile device. The program can define different types of documents, take pictures, process independently, and even automatically save the results to PDF and JPG in the selected folder on the device or in cloud storage.


This application solves linear equations, extracts the roots of numbers, reduces to a degree, resolves arithmetic problems and even shows step-by-step instructions. PhotoMath uses a smartphone camera, optical character recognition, and performs the required calculations.

Importance of Applications

Applications will not replace the knowledge, skills, and abilities. However, when competently select a program, such devices can be advantageous and may serve as good assistants in educational activities, which will significantly facilitate students learning.

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