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It has been more than a year since the launch of Reliance Jio. Some people are facing the problems with the 4G calls due to whatever the reason may be. Reliance Jio works on VoLTE and many smart phones available in the market does not fully support 4G on VoLTE and support only LTE services. To make use of the VoLTE in LTE just endorsed devices, Reliance back then introduced JIO 4G Voice app which allows its LTE users to make calls seamlessly from their devices without changing the handsets.

Jiofi Users can also use the Voice Calls by using Jio 4G Voice App. But It can be installed in your Smartphone. Jiofi users can also change the Jiofi Wifi Password at Jiofi.Local.Html webpage. Many 4G networks (Airtel, Idea, BSNL and Vodafone to name a few) providers in India provide LTE. But its peer competitor Reliance Jio has stood in front of them and giving VoLTE services to make use of 4G better than any others. This has created problems for many of the users there. These days, many devices are coming into the market which support VoLTE services. But not all and many tools that go into the market support VoLTE. So Reliance Jio users, download Jio 4G voice app from play stores when your device does not support VoLTE and enjoy the features to the fullest.

Let me explain you what is the Jio 4G voice app and its significance and usage in detail below.

Jio 4G voice

Jio 4G voice app is a designated app only for the Jio SIM users available in the play stores. It supports Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India. The features included in it are high quality calling, chatting, group chat, doodles, location share, file share, stickers and many others. The real 4G (VoLTE) with high-definition video and voice calling is supported by the 2G, 3G and 4G smartphones. You have nothing to do to convert your smart phone from 3G, 4G to true 4G, install Jio 4G voice app and the rest will be taken care of it.

You can make video calls to your friends or family from your contacts who also have the app installed on their smart phones. The user can message directly from the app to all over India and the limit is 100 SMS per day. Other than just dialing and messaging you also can share your live location, send quick doodles to express yourself and send the place of the meeting,  all these when you are right away on the call.

Android users, get it from Google play store here

Apple users, get the Jio 4G app from iTunes here

You can alternatively get the app from My Jio app, when you find it difficult to get it from play store. As there are many similar apps and the user may get confused to choose the right app. Other than this app, all the apps provided by Jio can be downloaded from My Jio app. So “My Jio” app is a one stop solution for all the Jio needs in simple. As you cannot make calls from Reliance Jio if your device does not support VoLTE, you have to make use of the Jio 4G voice app to make calls with high quality.

If you have a 3G and is feeling bad to not able to use Jio 4G services? You do not worry at all, as I have a simple solution named Jio-Fi which converts your 2G and 3G devices into 4G VoLTE devices with a single click. You have to carry Jio-Fi along with your phone always as it has a reachability limit. This is a good option instead buying a new smart phone leaving your working phone as one Jio-Fi can be connected to almost ten devices at a time. You can browse high speed internet through the Jio-Fi as it acts as Wi-Fi. The Jio-Fi device is readily available in the market and easy to use even. Just all you need is to charge it enough to carry it where ever you go, it is easy to take.

When you open your dial pad and type a number or browse from the contacts, the Jio 4G voice app asks you to whether make a voice call, video call, send a message. Such simple it is to use. Jio 4G voice app will be the original app and the default app will be made secondary after Jio 4G voice app installation on your device.

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