Trolling Motors – How Much Thrust Do You Need?

Trolling Motors

What data do you require to support your decisions regarding the appropriate thrust for a trolling motor? especially if you’ve never had your own best trolling motor battery before! Information gathered from asking people you know who own trolling motors can help you make the best decisions. Ask the owners of a particular brand about its advantages and disadvantages; The majority of people will be more than happy to discuss their thoughts on a particular trolling motor and the reasons why they prefer it. When you have a thought of what brand you could like, or not, then, at that point, you have a fundamental schoolwork to do in view of relative data. To get the results you want on the water, you’ll need more thrust the bigger and heavier your boat is. Buying a trolling motor with insufficient thrust is one thing you should avoid. An underpowered trolling motor that you have to run at high speed all day and runs out of power in a few hours is the worst way to end a day on the water. How much thrust do you require then? You ought to think about three elements: weight of the boat, its length, and the typical conditions under which you fish. The weight of the boat is the most important factor.

Use a trolling motor with two pounds of thrust for every 100 pounds of boat weight as a simple rule of thumb. The vessel used as the basis for this measurement factor is fully loaded. The maximum boat weight as well as the maximum weight of a person, motor, and gear can typically be found in an owner’s manual, on the website of the manufacturer, or on a sticker at the boat controls. A 1270 pound boat with 1100 pound limit is 2370lbs/100 X 2lbs/100 yields a base push of 47.4lbs. You should look for a trolling motor with at least 50 pounds of thrust based solely on weight.

When there are so many different kinds of trolling motors to choose from, how do you even begin to narrow down your options? Buying the right one, whether you need one for your kayack or a 20-foot tournament fishing boat, can be quite intimidating, especially if you have never owned one before.

The only real choice you need to make is which motor is best suited to your specific boating requirements because modern motors are simple to install on almost all types of vessels.

Before you buy one that could be a huge disappointment for you, here are five important things to think about.

Your Environment Consider whether you will use it most frequently in fresh or salt water. You can’t utilize a new water engine in salt water. Since I live close to the coast, I own a salt water engine. I can also use it to fish inland in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Due to their harsher working environment, salt water motors are more resistant to corrosion, but they do cost a little more.

Which Mount: Whether you need a transom or bow mount trolling motor depends on your boat’s size and type. As a rule with little art under14 foot, an engine fixed to the transom functions admirably. A bow mount is installed on larger boats or for better maneuverability; however, it must have a space up front where you can attach a housing bracket.

Thrust The amount of power required to propel your boat through the water is roughly referred to as “pounds of thrust.” In rough or weedy conditions, your boat will go nowhere if it doesn’t have enough thrust. The general rule of thumb is to purchase a boat that appears slightly overpowered for your vessel because there are so many variables that can affect its performance.

A 12 volt system is the most affordable option because a larger motor will necessitate more batteries. Anyway it doesn’t have the perseverance and pushed that a 24 volt or 36 volt framework will give. For boats less than 18 feet, a high thrust 12 volt trolling motor is usually sufficient.

Shaft length If your shaft is too short, it might not have enough bite in the water to propel you forward. If it is too long, it might hit the bottom in shallow places. The shape of the hull, the height of the bow or stern, and the average number of people who fish from the boat should also have an impact on your decision.

Types of Control These trolling motors can be steered by hand or by foot. Steering with a foot control is by far the most common method for a bow mount motor. You can also use cool features like auto pilot, copilot, and GPS pilot to steer your boat electronically.

Serious fishermen use trolling motors to get into normally inaccessible hot spots and leisure boaters use them to keep their waterways clean and free of pollution.

It’s not possible for anyone to deny the rush and opportunity that comes north of one while riding a bike. It’s a freedom like none other. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to ride a motorcycle or is willing to. That is when a trike’s adaptability comes into play. Owning and riding a trike has many advantages. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

As we mentioned earlier, having the capacity to appreciate the freedom of the open road and the open air are high on the list. Many people wouldn’t be able to have this experience or continue having it if they didn’t have a trike. A three-wheel or side-car vehicle-specific endorsement is required to operate a trike in many states. This permits a rider that doesn’t have the actual capacity, or want to convey the bike support, to in any case partake in the advantages of riding.

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There are numerous advantages to owning and riding a trike, as we have discussed. The main piece of the situation is to be alright with the vehicle you pick. I hope you’ll see that you can still appreciate the freedom and beauty that all motorcycle enthusiasts value, even if riding a motorcycle is not for you. Keep enjoying this amazing land with the wind in your face, ride frequently, and remain safe.


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