Unique Relationship of Content Marketing and SEO

Tips to feature your content to the top of Google's SERP

The entire internet is currently packed with a lot of important content, which is read, shared, talked about, and being reacted to. Content is not something that is floating around on the social media pages or flooding our email inboxes. It is one of the prominent features of the search engines that cannot be ignored. Every marketer must understand the unique relationship that exists between search engine optimization and content marketing. When perfect content marketing meets the customers, magic happens, as stated by

Content marketing

Content marketing is creating and distributing online material, and this online material intends to stimulate the interest of the users in particular services and products without promoting a particular brand explicitly. The material of content marketing can come in any possible format and you need to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate format based on the target market. This is significant for any content marketing campaign.

You have to think sensibly and logically regarding the target demographics and understand whether they are interested in images, videos, audios, infographics, or blogs. When you have this information, it can make the greatest possible difference in the results of content marketing.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the important practice of enhancing the quantity and quality of a website visit with the help of search engines like Bing and Google. Since the year 1994, the industry of search engine optimization has observed an exponential growth and proved all the marketers wrong, especially those who thought this to be a fad.

The relation between content marketing and SEO

Treating content marketing and SEO as separate entities are one of the biggest possible mistakes that any marketer can make because both of them work together. They are nothing if they are working alone. Given below is a list of the reasons that you should know.


For any search engine to understand the services and products appropriately, they should be able to discover as well as read the content that is present on the website. For doing this, they will require content so that they can crawl. Crawling content will help the search engines to understand all the different search queries for which your website should rank and whether it is going to be relevant for the users based on what they are looking for. Therefore, if the content is highly relevant and directed towards your audience, there is no denying the fact that you are going to get a great search engine rank.

Keyword targeting

Keywords indeed are one of the most important aspects of New York Area SEO. However, if you are stuffing keywords anywhere and everywhere, it will become impossible for you to reach the goals that you have and also Google Panda is going to penalize you. For people, who do not know what Google Panda is, it is one of the most important algorithm updates. This tackles websites that have no quality content and penalizes them. By integrating the keyword strategy with the content marketing strategy, you are avoiding penalization from this algorithm and also amplifying the strategy of content marketing with search engine optimization.

Link building

One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is link building, as it helps in enhancing authority and also increases the rankings within search results. Any successful campaign of content marketing is going to attract inbound links from resources and readers from the globe. Many marketers devise PR strategies with content marketing campaigns for maximizing links and making sure that the content is seen by many people.

Social signals

Social signals, which include comments, shares, likes, and clicks, can highly impact the ranking of your page within the organic search result. This is why a perfectly thought and strategically planned strategy of content marketing, which is going to perform well on the social media sites, is going to open up opportunities for boosting the search engine ranks. This means that you can never take content lightly. You need to make sure that you have a proper plan in place to get the search engine rank that you deserve. Apart from this, a well-thought strategy will also help you to avoid any kind of penalties from the search engines.

Featured snippets

Currently, it has been observed that the search engines are constantly featuring more relevant content associated with search engine optimization. It has been observed that almost 12.29% of the search engines are displaying featured snippets. Apart from that, one in every five searches includes knowledge graphs. You might ask what featured snippets are.

Featured snippets are the summary of answers to something that the user has asked. These are displayed right on the top of the search results of Google. They are normally extracted from web pages and include the title and the URL of the page. If the search engines are extracting featured snippets from particular pages, it means that your content quality has to be on point. Only then, search engines will be able to determine whether the website is capable of being ranked within the featured snippets. Also, one important thing that you cannot forget is that the featured snippet is one of the most important spots of the search results of the modern-day.

What marketers have to say?

Earlier, the content did not have such a special place when it came to search engine optimization. Currently, marketers have understood that content can make or break your SEO strategies because they alone cannot help you rank within the search engines. The content needs to have a high relevance with the kind of business that you are and your website and also has to be of great quality. Not to forget, the content should be created in such a manner that readers can understand it easily in one go.


Both search engine optimization and content marketing are important parts of the modern industry of marketing. Although both can work in isolation, they work perfectly when they are together. This is why understanding the unique relationship between content marketing and search engine optimization is necessary.

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