Diversifying Your Leads: How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media to Promote Your Services?

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As a business owner, if you are relying on only one or two sources for leads, your business is going to feast, then set into famine rather quickly. You need to diversify your leads and spend more time on social media to promote your services, but how much time is enough? How much time is too much?

You could hire a white label digital marketing agency to take care of all your leads and other marketing needs. At the end of the day, you may still hire out, but these are some guidelines you would need to follow if you decide to do this on your own.

Considering Which Factors Influence Your Time on Social Media

Effectively marketing your product, services or brand on social media is much more than just posting content. Successful marketers spread their time out among all the networks, not only the most often used one.

Marketers also engage in the following:

Strategic Planning – Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know who your target audience is?
  • What problems do they have that you can fix?
  • How can you reach them more effectively?
  • Is your message relevant?

How do you measure your success? Comprehensive and ongoing strategies offer the best possible marketing outcomes.

Creating and Publishing Fresh Content – Unquestionably, a social media marketing campaign cannot be a success without fresh, regular content. You will need to plan time to develop the content on a regular basis. Whether that is every day, every week or every few weeks, you need to decide what works for you and then stick to it.

Businesses new to smm panel will spend too much of their time on fresh content.

Publishing takes far less time once you know where you are going and the formatting for each network.

Selecting Already Existing Content – To succeed in social media promotion, marketing would likely happen daily, even multiple times a day. But who has time to create fresh content several periods during working hours?

Selecting or curating popular content, then adding your own twist to it, is an acceptable and a wide-spread practice.

Customer Service – Keeping your current patrons in mind and answering their inquiries is paramount to retention of these and future customers.

When answering their questions, be specific, be kind and possibly offer an incentive to keep them coming back to you for their needs. You may also ask if they would agree to use their testimony on your social media pages.

Adjust and Evaluate – When figuring the time to spend on marketing on social media, you will need to add a significant amount of time for evaluations of existing efforts. And then time to adjust what is not working. You need to become more familiar with your audience and see what works best specifically for them.

You cannot simply post on social media and hope for the best. You need to monitor what is working and what’s not. This is part of the path to successful social media marketing.

Which Factor Is Most Important?

You may want to split your time evenly among the above five variables and call it a day; however, that strategy will not work. Overall, the most important factor in social media marketing is to engage with current customers.

You want your customers to “sing your praises” to everyone in their social media, so you will obtain more customers. This is a much more practical lead generator than many other marketing structures.

Attracting new customers would be the next largest part of your time, and then the rest should be split near evenly.

Fresh Content

Businesses new to social media marketing will spend too much of their time on fresh content. Instead, they should balance their time with locating content relevant to their posts about sales of their products and services.

The Internet is loaded with free content a business owner can use on their own website or on their social media feeds. If you use someone else’s content, you will need to link back to the original article so that person receives credit as well as traffic to their site.

As a business owner, you should aim to write your own, original content, more often than not. This could be in the form of notes on your social media accounts or you could start your own blog.

Blogs for Marketing

Creating a blog will help you keep up with current and fresh content your customers crave. You can announce specials and sales for those who subscribe to the blog, giving them an incentive to use your services and products.

This is also where you can tell your story. The story about why and how you became the owner of your company. This will be of interest to those loyal customers who want to spread the word about your business.

Some benefits of blogging include:

-more SEO;

-increased website traffic;

-improved relationships with your customers, clients and all others you come in contact with through your business;

-becoming an industry leader.


If you want to become an authority on Google, you will need to blog with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Post relevant content, don’t post about puppies if you are a greenhouse and don’t post about plants if you are a dog kennel. Stick to what you know and what is relevant for your audience.

Social Media Advertising

Think about advertising on social media sites. Each one has a slightly different system, yet each one can bring in new customers.

You will need to budget your funds or advertising dollars in the same way you budget the time you spend on different networks. Spend more money on the most popular social media sites and less on those that have not garnered you much business. This also means that you need to know where your audience hangs out the most.

Two important points to remember:

Evaluate and Adjust – You won’t know what is working and what is wasting your time unless you re-assess what you are doing.

Stay on Track – The Internet has a way of sucking you in and taking you places you never thought possible. It is filled with distractions. This is a colossal waste of time, time you have not budgeted for in your social media timeline. Use your time with intention and purpose.

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