Unveiling the Top Secrets of Free and Professional Web Hosting Providers


In the technology-driven world, there is always a need for the Internet to get acquainted with web hosting providers effectively. Today many of the business is on the verge of transforming online, as they have realized the importance of web presence in the core.

Web presence is essential to all businesses. To establish a web presence, you’ll need a website, and for it to go and stay online, it needs a reliable web hosting service.

Most of the companies and organization are aspiring for web presence. To establish a web presence, you’ll need an online website. For better performance of the website keeping up with the trending search algorithms, you’ll require a reliable web hosting service.

So what is reliable? Does “professional hosting” mean better, more reliable service?

Not necessarily true.

In most cases, both free web hosting and professional web hosting offer the advantages of security, higher bandwidth, and fast speeds. The only difference between the two is usually performance. With this in mind, comparing a few different hosting options is crucial when it comes to finding the right web hosting solution for your needs. Plus, it is also interesting to note that there are now a few eco-friendly web hosting providers such as GreenGeeks that are committed to hosting websites in an environmentally conscious way. You can find out more about GreenGeeks by reading reviews of their hosting packages online.

However, before you go about deciding, whether to opt for Free web hosting or Professional web hosting, go through the 5 points mentioned below, they will help you determine what is best for you!

#1 Reliability

Reliability is one of the most talked-about points in any services that a web user is looking for. It is a crucial factor in web hosting where the services of the product are the decide final point. In case of the free web hosting service, the web hosting service providers look for the maintenance of uptime and downtime. Most of the times, a low uptime is observed in the free hosting plan. It is because of the lack of the server infrastructure that is required to maintain the other connections in sync. So if you opt for the free version of the web hosting platform, you might experience downtime to your website at some capable of handling the traffic spikes on your website, that’s interfaced. After all, your business is made to help the customer knows about the services in –depth. On the other side, in the professional web hosting services, your website can see a rose of the uptime close to 99%, as it is necessary to keep up your business performance accordingly.

#2 Search Engine Rankings

Most of the business today wants to see their business websites on the top of the search engines. Keeping close attention to technology trends, it is quite necessary for the user to keep themselves updated regarding the factor of search engine rankings. Most often, free web hosting providers display untruthful ads and links on the websites that it’s become a strong pint in the downfall of the web rankings. Moreover, open web hosting platforms are seen using the spammers in the creation of the dummy websites that have nothing to benefit with businesses. All these above factors together lead to the downfall of free web hosting platforms. Check WordPress Hosting India

There is no denying that the businesses that opt for professional web hosting platforms will never encounter these issues. It is due to their extensive feature of detailed web plans that always help in raising online visibility and traffic from desired locations.

#3 Bandwidth and Storage Space

Nowadays, people are changing their options in web hosting platforms observing the features and useful pointers. Professional web hosting service providers give more freedom to business in the form of a variety of packages regularly with different bandwidth and storage space. Whereas, free web hosting provides limited use of these web hosting packages, making it an un-favored option to upload and transfer video clips, photos, maps, and so on. Also, some organizations are in process to restrict access once the bandwidth limit is reached. But such inconvenience is not there in professional web hosting services.

#4 Support and Assistance

Many a time, free webs hosting platforms are not sure of success in their service offerings. Why? It is due to many technical flaws and blackouts in the small range of services. It is not a mandatory guide that every website owner needs to have complete knowledge of the different functions of web hosting. If required, you can seek to the customer support, but always know about them through their success, and the customer served. Many a time- the lack of support becomes a significant concern for the business getting close to the success fleet. With paid hosting services, every company has access to 24/7 technical support, thus making their work easier and hassle-free.

#5 Customized Error Pages

With a free web hosting platform, you won’t be able to create customized error pages. Error pages are utilized by the webserver to let the visitor know that there has been an error, this might happen if the visitor types the wrong URL of a page or tries to access a page that is not present in the website. With a free hosting account, the web hosting company’s stock error page will be displayed to the visitor, and this page will not give them any directions to find what they are looking for. The result – the visitor, will be confused, and he/she will leave your website.

It is not the case with a paid web hosting account! A paid hosting account provides you complete control over your website and your hosting account. You can design customized error pages for your customers/visitors and display them when a visitor tries to access a wrong page or page URL.


Hence, the decision stands with web user to choose between the free and professional web hosting providers. It is beneficial if you consider the pointers mentioned above to look for all reasons to save massive money without compromising on the performance.


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