Understanding About Free Web Hosting In Brief And Comparing The Web Hosting Services

As you can understand the name, free website hosting is the name given to the free non paid website hosting services. There are some hosts that provide different types of subdomains to the ones who are interested in making a website. Some of the most popular free website hosts that are used popularly in the current include blogger and WordPress. When you develop your website with the help of any of these free website hosting services, your website is given the name as xyz (your site) and xyz (your site) respectively.

If you are interested in making a website with a domain name that does not consist of any external site’s name, you can buy the domain easily and then get the web hosting service. This type of service is usually the paid one where you have to pay for the type of service you want. However, There are numerals trusted and reputable web hosting companies across the world that provide free web hosting services along with some additional services/ products that you purchase from them.

Benefits Of Hiring Free Web Hosting Services

One of the most important benefits of using free web hosting services is that they are free and do not charge anything. Now if you wonder why web hosting companies are offering free services to create websites for random people, you need to know that they do not make any loss in their business at all. When these sites are making a website for a specific business or a person, they take the help of that particular website to place advertisements, banners and other types of advertising media to earn their revenue. Sometimes, the revenue from these advertisements is shared with the website’s owner, and sometimes it is not shared.

When you use paid website hosting services, the situation becomes altogether different. Here, you will have all the control over your website and it will be completely your decision whether you want any advertisements on your site or not. If you want any advertisement on your site, entire revenue from the advertisement will be generated by you only.

Comparing The Top Free Website Hosting Services Of 2024

Developing and maintaining any website might cost you a lot. Designing, maintaining, and developing a website requires an outlay of the one sort. For this reason, it is important for business owners to minimize their expenses wherever there is a possibility of doing so.

Free webhosting is one such area that can build up costs easily as the free web host packages are usually sold with the monthly payments. There some number of trusted and reputed free hosting providers those offer the best services. However, some of the services might not be appropriate for the marriage business websites, but others have a great deal to make fast and easy saving with the help of free website hosting services.

One more thing to Note here is that the free web hosting services also come with a series of limitations as well. The traffic, site speed, server space, backup provision, and uptime guarantees, etc. are some of the features that can affect your website development. But this doesn’t mean that there are no good and affordable hosting services available in the market.

  1. 000Webhost

This website hosting service provider is situated in the United States since 2007 and since it has been providing free hosting services. The free of hosting service provided by includes 100 GB of bandwidth every month, 1.5 GB of space, and five corresponding email accounts to accompany. There are no restrictions on supporting PHP and MySQL, and the customers get a guarantee of 99% of provable uptime and weekly backups on their website by the service providers.

This free hosting Service Company is supported through donations as of its user community only and the benefit that it gets from its advertisements and best hosting packages. The packages are so affordable that you do not have to worry anything about hiring the services and in return, you get the best plans to run your website.

  1. 5GBfree

As the name suggests, 5GBfree free website hosting service provider offer 5GB of the free website hosting space to its users and 20GB of bandwidth each month along with it also provides PHP scripting, and 3 MySQL databases. You do not get any emailing with this package, but you will certainly not regret hiring these services as the company proudly acclaims, “at another hosting company, and you might be paying $15-20 every month for software, hardware, and all the certifications related to security, then why not 5GBfree?”

  1. Freehostia

Freehostia offers a wide range of hosting offers and data plans along with outlandish names such as Lovebeat, Supernatural, and Wildhoney. The free plan of Freehostia named chocolate provides 250MB free disk space to its users along with 6GB bandwidth every month. It also gives PHP and MySQL compatibility and three email accounts to accompany it. The free website hosting service provider gives a guarantee of server time of 99% and provides day and night customer support so that the user does not face any problem whatsoever time it is.

  1. Zymic

The Zymic Company describes free web hosting services as the most futuristic and reliable web hosting service providers available on the internet. It consists of 6GB space, 50GB of monthly bandwidth along with the support for PHP and 3 MySQL databases. You will not get any paid packages from these service providers.


When you talk about the one service provider on this list that is the biggest hitter regarding monthly bandwidth, is surely on top of the list providing 250GB data every month. It also provides 10GB of server space along with one specific email account to accompany. For the users who do not have a domain name, they are offered with free subdomains for example

Free web hosting is one such area that can build up costs easily as the free web host packages are usually sold with the monthly payments. Some trusted and reputed free hosting providers offer the best services. However some of the services might not be suitable for the marriage business websites, but others have a great deal to make fast and easy saving with the help of free website hosting services.