Working strategies in the game of Plinko at online casinos

Plinko is a popular gambling game that attracts many players because of its simplicity and the opportunity to win quickly. Some people believe that winning depends only on luck, but in fact there are strategies that help to increase the chances of success.

How to play?

The Plinko game offers an exciting and addictive gaming experience that depends on the strategy and luck of the player. Like any game of chance, Plinko requires caution and moderation in the game to avoid losing large amounts of money. Top visa casinos offer to play the classic version.

Rules of the game:

  • The player throws a chip into a vertically placed playing field consisting of rows of nails.
  • The chip then falls through the nails and lands in one of the slots at the bottom of the field.
  • Each slot has a different meaningful payoff or nothing.
  • The higher the slot, the bigger the prize.
  • In most cases, there are also bonus chips or multipliers that can increase the winnings.
  • The player can choose where to throw the chip, depending on their strategy and luck.
  • During the game, the player has the opportunity to increase his winnings by hitting special cells with bonus chips or multipliers.

After throwing a chip, the winnings are credited and the player can proceed to the next move.

Game Strategies

At its core, Plinko is a pure game of chance, and there is no strategy that is guaranteed to result in a win.

Low Risk Strategy

Although the strategy does not increase the probability of winning, placing bets on the center cells does reduce the size of potential losses. This happens because the center cells usually have a lower face value than the cells at the edges of the table. This way players risk losing less money if the ball falls into the center cell.

Placing many small bets on different cells is that if a player places many small bets on different cells, they will have a better chance of winning, even if the value of the winnings is lower. Although the probability of winning remains the same, this strategy allows the player to save more money and reduce the size of potential losses.

Finally, players can choose cells with a lower face value. In this way, they reduce the size of their potential losses, as they will lose less if their bet is a loser.

Medium Risk Tactics

The basic idea behind Plinko’s medium risk tactic is to balance high and low stakes to minimize potential losses and maximize possible wins. Players try to avoid betting too risky or too conservative, and instead place moderate bets on different sectors of the board.

Choosing the right place to bet plays a big role. Players should study the probabilities of the ball dropping into different sectors of the board and choose those that promise the highest odds of winning. This can include betting on average numbers, which can bring average winnings but have a low risk ratio.

Bankroll management is not insignificant with this tactic. Players should set limits for their bets and stick to them to avoid potential big losses.

Users can also use different betting strategies and systems to increase their chances of winning. Some players prefer to bet on a single sector and stick to it, while others may change their bets depending on the results of previous attempts.

Ladder strategy

In order to successfully use the Ladder strategy, you need to follow a few basic principles:

  • Set minimum and maximum bets, which will allow you to control your finances and avoid large losses.
  • Increase bets gradually. Start with a minimum bet and increase it as you win. This way the risk of losing will be reduced.
  • Take your time. Strategy “Ladder” requires patience and the ability to control your emotions. You should not increase your bets after an unsuccessful round, you need to give yourself time to recover.
  • Use maths. When using the strategy “Ladder” it is important to take into account the probabilities of winning and losing in order to correctly distribute your bets.

The essence of the “Ladder” strategy is that the player gradually increases his bets, increasing his winnings and reducing the risk of losing.


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