9 Best Xbox Emulators For your Window PC

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Gaming is one of the top things that every person dreams about in their life, from a 10-year-old kid to a 60-year-old man everyone loves gaming so much that some people choose gaming as a career option in their life and this is not a bad idea because today the gaming industry has grown very fast that it is a billion-dollar industry around the globe and it is rapidly growing fast and it will add more users over the next coming years so basically gaming is the future and in gaming not just playing games it has many options that you can achieve in that like developing, graphic designing, programming, etc. it has the potential to employ thousands of people worldwide.

But today we are not going to talk about gaming and how you can make a career in it, we were going to talk about games that you play and want to upgrade your experience and skills in gaming. It’s always a wonder to play on an Xbox console instead of a laptop or Pc but you don’t have enough money or your parents must be against it to buy you an Xbox console. That is a different story but we will tell you about some alternatives of Xbox consoles like using Xbox emulators.

Emulators are a great alternative if you want an experience of an Xbox console and Xbox games so you should try emulators to play Xbox games on your PC. So today in this article we were going to tell you about the best Xbox emulators that you should try and get an experience of a real Xbox console on your device this not only upgrade your gaming experience but also enhances it to get the best emulator read the full article and you will understand which the best Xbox emulator for you to play the Xbox games.

What do you mean by Xbox Emulator?

An Emulator is a hardware or software that emulates like another computer system like a host and to enact like another system like a guest. Most people don’t try to buy an Xbox console because it is very expensive. Instead, they prefer an Xbox emulator which is available free and is available on every platform. This gives them an experience of Xbox consoles and also saves money and in future, they can buy a real Xbox.

You must be thinking that the emulator is ok but which one is the best and gives the best performance, we will tell you which Xbox emulator is best for you? which you should buy? And what are the pros and cons of it? Will we explain everything? Below listed are some Xbox emulators which we have chosen only for you to give you the best experience you ever had; this will enhance your gaming experience.

But before moving on to the best Xbox emulators we will tell you why you should use an Emulator instead of getting a real Xbox one console if you can’t afford it.

Why should you get an Emulator instead of a real console?

If you want to play Xbox games you need to have an Xbox console but your budget is not allowing it so the best alternative to console is the Xbox emulator. It has become a need of every pro gamer out there or who wants to be a professional in gaming. The Xbox emulator is software or hardware that pretends to be a real Xbox console so you will never have that feeling that you do not have an Xbox console. Also, it saves your money and your experience doesn’t get low due to the emulator.

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The emulator also gives you the best audio and video consumption experience that you have never seen in an immersive and full- HD gaming experience. In this article, we have brought you the best in class Xbox emulator which gives you the best experience that you were dreaming of so get ready to upgrade your gaming experience.

9 Best Xbox emulators

Here are some best Xbox emulators listed down below that will change your experience of gaming.

#1 CXBX Emulator

It is the most powerful emulator that is available on the internet and it doesn’t charge any fee it’s free to use and gives you the best experience of Xbox games that you want to have but there is only a limited game available like just five games like Battle Cry, smashing drive, Whacked, Futurama and Turok.

Advantages of CXBX Emulator:

The sound and video experience of this emulator is very great and the graphic quality is also good.

The best thing about this emulator is that it is lag-free which makes this the best to play Xbox games.

Disadvantages of CXBX Emulator:

It has limited access to the games which is a drawback of this emulator.

To use this emulator your computer should be powerful to have support while playing games on this.

#2 XEON Emulator

Another powerful emulator is the XEON emulator to play Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on your Windows PC, it is the most popular emulator among the gamers who use an emulator to play games, the other thing about this emulator is that it allows you to play your own choice Xbox one game that makes this emulator the best among others and has over a million download and it is free of cost.


It has a backup option to create your game backup wherever you have stopped playing the game.

It also supports The DOS operating system other than Windows OS.


1) There can be a heating problem if your pc is having low specs otherwise it works well.

2)The update is not available now as the developer has stopped working on it so you might face some bugs while using this emulator.

#3 HackiNations Emulators

The next Emulator on the list we have is the HackiNations emulator which is also the best emulator to use and play Xbox games on. Want to play high-end games like God of war 4, Forza Horizon 3, and halo so this is the emulator you are searching for. This emulator provides you the best graphic quality and also the best video and audio experience which gives you a whole professional gamer experience you ever had. This emulator is also available free on the internet just search this name and you will get this right away.


If you are not having a controller it allows you to use the keyboard.

This emulator supports many high-end games like God of war, Forza Horizon, and Halo.

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This emulator supports various file formats like disc and ROM files.


The major drawback of this emulator is that to use this emulator your goanna needs a PC with high-end specs.

A low-end PC will not work properly with this emulator. It might get crashed or may have some other issues so make sure that you have a High-end pc.

#4 Box Emulator

This emulator is also quite famous among gamers around the globe who play Xbox games on their PC. Box emulator brings great graphic quality and a good audio/video experience which gives you a rich and fast experience. This emulator promises a high FPS rate which gives a great visual experience and also a lag-free experience.


It is compatible with the Xbox One and The Xbox 360 which gives a variety of game options you want to play.

It supports High FPS and also the user interface is quite good in look.


If you are thinking of downloading a game from a torrent then this will not support it which is a drawback of this emulator.

#5 VR Xbox 360 Emulator

If you are having a low spec PC and also less ram and still want to play Xbox games on it then don’t worry because the VR Xbox emulator fulfills all your needs of playing an Xbox game on your PC.


It supports all versions of windows which make this emulator a great platform to try games.

This emulator is free of cost.


There are too many ads that are quite disturbing while playing.

It has some limitations that you will experience compared to other emulators.

#6 EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

This is another interesting emulator designed for those who want a variety of games to play available on the Xbox console. You can even play arcade games on it.


This emulator has loads of games in it.

It has a smooth and fast experience.


1) The user interface is quite complicated to understand.

2) It only supports Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher operating systems.

#7 PCSX2 Emulator

This emulator also provides a good experience of playing games and smoothly run on your windows and also Linux OS.


It supports Linux as well as Windows OS.

It can be used through a keyboard if not having a controller.


The graphic quality is not quite good for this emulator.

The PC needs to be more powerful to use this emulator.

#8 XQEMU Emulator

This is another great emulator, it is open-source software that you can install on your device. It is specifically designed for the original Xbox console.


This emulator also has lots of games to play.

It is free to use.


1) It is new in the store so it is not popular like other emulators.

2) You would require an original Xbox copy.

#9 DXBX Emulator

It is also a well-known emulator but the problem is it only supports the 32-bit version of the windows OS.


1) It is a customizable emulator and brings some nice features.

2)It is free to use.


It only supports the 32-bit version of Windows OS.


There are a lot of other emulators as well which can help you play your favourite games in the emulator. Our team has managed to find the 9 best Xbox emulators for your Windows PC to play games. If you feel you have other more which we should include in this let us know in the comment section below.

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