The Evolution And The Future Of Video Game User Interface

The Evolution And The Future Of Video Game User Interface

What is the user interface?

Before we look at how video game interfaces or interfaces have evolved, let’s first look at the interfaces.

The user interface is probably one of the most essential parts of game development, but it’s underrated. The user interface is a way for players to interact and get feedback about the game. Even if you make a game with good characters and a good story, the game will fail if the UI is terrible. That is why, sites like come into the gaming field which not only focus on creating concept art, character art, 3D assets but also make user friendly interface so that people enjoy video game at their fullest.

Purpose of the user interface:

The purpose of the user interface is straightforward. We use visual information to help players or users better understand the game or its features. The UI informs the user about the current standard of living or score and provides this feature in the game.

User interface type:

There are four types of user interfaces for video games. They:


The non-digital user interface is shown as a search on the game screen and is two-dimensional. These are the specific toys or players that are shown. Common examples include the Survival indicator and the World of Warcraft phone.

Diegetic :

Unlike the non-diet UI, DigeticUI has an in-game solid presence. The other characters also know the player’s actions. For example, in GTA Vice City, you can drive a car or burn your character.


Meta UI is 2D, just like DiegeticUI is not. However, the layers are not limited to players. For example, Call of Duty has no health indicator. Whenever your health is poor, you will find blood tests that can help.


The spatial user interface is similar to Meta UI and Non-DiegeticUI, but there are three dimensions. The spatial user interface varies from obese to obese. This means that the spatial UI elements reside in the game’s 3D Space, whether you participate in the game or not. The clear path that the player follows is an example of a spatial interface. Tom Clancy’s “SplittingCell: Faith and Fable 3” is a game that uses a spatial element in its user interface.

How did video game user interfaces evolve?

First user interface:

One of the best leading android game development company was founded in 1972 and is one of the first games to date. The numbers that appear on the screen are just numbers, two sticks, and one ball.

The math behind the game is simple. It is a two-player game similar to tennis. Each player must hit another player’s ball. Unless someone hits, the opponent gets points.

This is where evolution begins. Game developers realize that players are more motivated than their competitors in making games.

Essential and helpful user interface:

After pong, “Super Mario Bros.” games like. And “Pac-Man” appeared. And don’t forget the famous Space Invaders game. This game simply explains the importance of the user interface. It is also necessary.

You have to use the UI to see the number of lives remaining, the player’s current score, or the number of collections (e.g., Super Mario Bros.). This UI element is not only rich in content but also makes the game more attractive. The game only took a few years to become more popular and complicated.

RPGs or role-playing games were soon commercialized and became an essential part of UI game development. RPG games have a complex user interface, which shows that a complex user interface has evolved from the ground up. Common examples of complex user interfaces are Warcraft or Fantasy.

Complex user interface:

3D graphics were first published in 1990. Game developers used 3D graphics to create POV games. POV means the first-person perspective. Here you can see the action through the characters’ eyes.

But it is also challenging. This is what the previous games did on a regular 2D level. This makes it difficult for the developer to manage the user interface. The game developer has decided to divide the game interface into the Diegetic branch (game) and the Diegetic branch (screen). More information can be found here.

Real user interface:

Over the past few decades, game makers have chosen to create more realistic games. This trend and VR together promote the elimination of what DiegeticUI is not. There is currently a meta-UI that doesn’t look like Dasha. The meta-UI is usually associated with a specific object used by the character.

The latest developments in SpatialUI. 3DUI Space UI is popular with viewers. A typical example is drawing a line around an enemy character like Assassin’s Creed.

 The future of video game user interfaces:

The trend for the youngest IU is good but will continue. You can imagine movements that move your character or perform specific tasks. In addition, players add virtual reality to their games. This sets a very high level.

Virtual reality initially offers a realistic experience, but it is difficult for designers to manage. It happens because people can quickly lose focus. But over time, it will likely come true. Enjoy incredible virtual reality experiences on devices like the Oculus Rift and play games like BeatSabre and StarTrek: BridgeCrew.

Several possible options:

More precise management in the coming days. Humans can treat characters like eagles with their whole bodies. Over time, it becomes more and more popular. You can manipulate the game using brain-generated eye-tracking techniques and perspectives.

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From Phong to BioHazard 7, we’ve made great strides. The user interface has made great leaps and bounds from the earliest video game interfaces to today’s frustrating interfaces. And what is still more extraordinary is that there is still a long way to go. For example, there are games to capture the whole body of the brain and track eye movements. It is hoped that advanced video games will be developed in the future, and you will find intelligent allies in the video game interface. Synergy brings significant benefits to the game industry!

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