Top ZEDGE alternatives to try in 2022

ZEDGE alternatives

No doubt in accepting the fact that ZEDGE had been ruling the App Store for a while now. Be our wallpapers or ringtones, ZEDGE rules it all and is the #1 choice of the users. The main reason for the hype is that a user can directly find the choice of need just by searching in the search bar.

Sadly but after certain updates, the app is left with features that are not specific to the search of the users including the new search algorithm that searches for tags and not whole sentences.

So, after a bit of testing and hustle, our team for some amazing ZEDGE alternatives that are worth a try.

Disclaimer: “the Techlogitic team is not responsible for not being able to find the desired item.

Top 5 ZEDGE alternatives

#1 MTP ringtones & wallpapers

MTP - Ringtones & WallpapersThis app has been put on the top of the list because of its User Interface which is similar to ZEDGE. This app offers a wide range of wallpapers and ringtones. The library is too big that a user will definitely find the needed and desired wallpaper or the ringtone in most of cases. The best feature of this MTP app life’s in the fact that the app’s search results are shown according to the words and not the tags which means more accurate search results are shown as compared to ZEDGE.

Download the office zedge alternative app by clicking here.

#2 Ringtones & wallpapers for Me

Ringtones and Wallpapers for MeThe Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me app has an intuitive and simple User Interface that is much easier to use and slide through. Just like ZEDGE, the wallpapers are divided into different categories like animals, abstracts, cartoons, etc. Also, the newly added wallpapers are also divided into further categories. It is an amazing alternate to ZEDGE with all the basic wand wanted features with a better algorithm.

Download the app by clicking here.

#3 Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)This app is also another famous ZEDGE alternative that had been in the market for a while now. The best part of the app is the rating and amazing algorithm that divides the wallpapers into sections such as trending and recent wallpapers that allows the users to have much more knowledge about the trend in the market. Cars, buildings, animals, cartoons, etc. All basic categories are present in the Backgrounds HD app. Also, tag suggestions are also present like in Google homepage in which similar suggestions start assisting as soon as keywords are written. Overall, it is a great app to bed given a shot. Feed and shuffle tables are also a great point to consider while installing.

Download the app by clicking here.

#4 Wallpapers

WallpapersThis app might sound simple and sober but it is developed by none other than Google. Yes, the developer of the operating system of the smartphone you are on. This app allows a user to select wallpapers from its library as well as the device at the same time. Although, the app has various features like ZEDGE including different categories like art, abstract, nature, seas, etc. The wallpapers are high-quality wallpapers that are provided by google itself from the satellite images and using their photographers. Apart from the above features, the app also has a feature of daily wallpapers that changes every day.

Download the official Google wallpaper app from here.

#5 Backdrops

BackdropsThis is was not complete without the following app which is the backdrops app. On the startup, the app features four basic categories: community, explore, collections as well as favourites. Apart from these four, the images are further divided into various categories including art, abstract, etc. The best feature about the app is the community tab that allows various users to connect to each other by showcasing and uploading their own’s wallpaper and sharing with others. In other to take advantage of this feature, the user has to sign in to the account. also, the app features a very great search bar with an amazing algorithm to search for things at ease.

Amoled wallpaper is also available in the app with a separate section.

Download the backdrops app by clicking here

So, this was the list of best ZEDGE alternatives worth a try in 2022.


As we all know, Zedge is the best app to download wallpapers or ringtones. But we need change so this post will help you with Zedge alternatives. Still, have any queries? Comment form below and our team will reply as soon as possible.

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