10 online platforms where they send you product samples for free

online platforms

Various platforms offer product samples in exchange for the consumer to try them and share their experience. Free samples to potential consumers is a common practice that companies usually use to present their products to the market as a test to know the acceptance that the public has towards the novelties that are being incorporated into the stores, but in this dynamic, there are several platforms that serve as intermediaries to know the pulse of people, many of which are distributed online, so we share the 10 platforms from which you can receive free samples of various products, in particular health and beauty.

1. Peekage

Peekage is in the first place for a reason. It is very easy to use and provides you with a large selection of product samples to ship to your home. Peekage is a kind of digital product sampling program. The application can be downloaded on your mobile. Very practical! You can take a free sample and send it to your address with the redemption mechanism that you earn when you run the application. Getting points from Peekage is very easy. You only need to do simple things like complete your profile. But the best way to get points is by answering the surveys provided. Want more? Invite your family and friends to use Peekage. The points you collect can be exchanged for product samples and gift cards. Each sample requires a different number of points to claim. The key to success in this application is to work on your package every day. It may take you only a few minutes each day to get a free sample. Highly recommended! Peekage is the best product sampling marketing platform to try.

2.- Amazon Prime

An exclusive feature for Prime customers, the free sample delivery method is somewhat peculiar, since the first part of the process involves purchasing the samples and immediately receiving a credit for the same amount of the purchase cost, which can be be used in the store.

3.- Walmart

The supermarket giant delivers samples of free baby and beauty supplies just by signing up for a gift pack with brands like Dove, Pantene, Aveeno, Aquaphor and Biore, but with the caveat that you have to pay $ 5 for Shipping.

4.- Influenster

Deliver free beauty samples through this consumer product discovery and review platform. With this website you can get free full-size samples in exchange for giving your opinion of the brand and sharing the experience on social networks.

5.- SampleSource

Website offering free samples of household cleaning, makeup, health, beauty, food, and snack products. To obtain them, you have to register and choose the samples you would like to receive; when they are available and match the profile of the users to send them while supplies last.

6.- BzzAgent

Like Influenster, free samples can be obtained through this site that serves as an intermediary between brands and consumers. In the first instance, a survey must be answered and based on this, products that fit the interests are offered for sending the samples in exchange for sharing experiences.

7.- Swaggable

Platform that gives an opportunity to obtain samples of more than 500 brands through a compatibility profile with respect to the available products. Once the items are ready, a notification is sent to accept the shipment of the merchandise to be tested and later write a review on social networks.

8.- Smiley360

Online community of consumers who are allowed to try free products and share the opinions of the brands that are received, which are processed with the manufacturers of the products themselves; By doing so, points are added and the higher the amount, the more chances of receiving more opportunities.

9.- Ripple Street

A platform that also has to test certain products, but with some differences from other sites, mainly because instead of only the applicant using the products, they must share them with family and friends through a meeting.

10.- P&G Everyday

A community of the consumer goods giant such as Procter & Gamble where you can get tips, recipes and offers on their products, as well as send samples of their articles with free shipping just by signing up to also receive their newsletter .

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