A Hero’s Journey: How a Workday Integration saves an HR Department 15 Hours a Week

Workday integration boosts productivity and streamlines HR workflows. To illustrate the power of Workday integration, let’s spotlight how an HR department for a leading 3D printing manufacturer saves 15 hours a week with a hands-free data connector. Data integration saves time and money and allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic things that grow the business.

The Challenge: Syncing New Hire and Employee Data from Workday to ADP Workforce Now

When the company implemented Workday® across all global offices, the US HR team knew they needed to reliably sync new hire and employee data from Workday to ADP Workforce Now® to save time and seamlessly process payroll. Manually re-entering employee data from their core HR system, Workday, to ADP for payroll took too much time and was often prone to manual data entry errors. Manually re-entering employee data from app to app was a huge waste of time and effort.

The Transformation: Workday Integration to ADP

The Compensation and Benefits Manager turned to the HR data integration experts at Flexspring for a time-saving automation. Manually onboarding new hires and updating current employee information to process payroll data slowed productivity. Following the Compensation and Benefits Manager’s specific requirements, Flexspring created a custom data connector to free the entire HR department from the burden of manual double-data entry.

The integration included:

New Hires from Workday to ADP Workforce Now
When a hiring manager presses the hired button in Workday, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP with essential information needed to process payroll in real-time, eliminating manual double-data entry. The company wanted only full-time employee data (not temporary workers or contractors) synced in ADP, so Flexspring created a custom solution.

Employee Updates from Workday to ADP Workforce Now

When a current employee’s data changes in Workday, data automatically updates in ADP. Data integration ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is up-to-date for current employees.

“We made custom changes to the initial new hires use case,” said the Compensation and Benefits Manager. “Instead of sending all new hire data over, we requested that only full-time employees sync in ADP—not contractors, student interns, or temporary employees who wouldn’t be working with us permanently. The technical team at Flexspring created these custom rules to fit our business needs. They also helped me understand how data pulled from Workday moves to ADP, how everything works together.”

The Results: A Heroic Impact

Thanks to the manager’s vision and Flexspring’s expertise, data flows seamlessly from Workday to ADP Workforce Now. Automation eliminated manual double-data entry between apps. Transferring data automatically between the two systems also eradicated the risk of errors from human manual input.

“With data integration from Flexspring, we no longer manually duplicate work in both Workday and ADP,” said the Compensation and Benefits Manager. “Our HR administrator saves about 15 hours a week by not doing manual updates. We now have data integrity and never worry about mismatched data between systems because everything connects. I definitely recommend data integration to anyone in HR.”

Conclusion: A Story of Vision and Collaboration

The collaboration between the 3D printing company and Flexspring demonstrates the power of Workday integration. One simple data integration saved this HR department 15 hours a week, boosting productivity and eradicating manual double-data errors. The Compensation and Benefits Manager’s vision to pursue automation streamlined workflows and sky-rocketed productivity—saving the company time and money.


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