Top 10 Travel APIs for Booking Flights and Hotels

Travelers tend to use one platform to book appropriate flights and hotels. So, travel platforms need to provide users with an excellent user experience. Additionally, such services become more open to share their tools. As a result, there are many useful travel APIs.

Let’s discuss what travel APIs mean, how to use them to achieve success, and list the best APIs for hotel booking, car renting, and frights ordering.

Travel APIs: All You Need to Know

In the past, to expand an online travel business, it was required to hire software developers to make a tech solution. Today, there are travel APIs. They tend to fetch and analyze various data from CRM systems. After that, software engineers can connect this information to the platform. As a result, the development process is less time-consuming and more efficient.

Travel APIs Advantages

Travel APIs provide various benefits. Below, we’ve listed the most significant ones:

  • APIs allows charging the users directly;
  • Travel APIs offers to focus on the primary tasks;
  • Such solutions tend to reduce overhead prices for travel agencies;

Considering travel APIs, there are two main types: for flight booking and hotel ordering. Let’s discuss each category more precisely.

Flight Booking APIs

  • Skyscanner Flight Search APIs. It’s one of the most widespread APIs that gives a lot of searching opportunities to the travelers. Additionally, it’s Skyscanner API has a large and active community along with detailed documentation.
  • FlightStats Flex APIs. FlightStats provides two API: Flight Data Services APIs and Trip data Services APIs. They tend to show real-time information, e.g. flight details, schedules, rates, weather forecasts, and so on. Moreover, FlightStats Trip Data APIs allow integrating push notifications for tracking flight data. These APIs have quite proper documentation that simplifies the development process.
  • British Airways NDC. British Airways tends to be the biggest airline in the United Kingdom. Its API provides real-time information about the flights. The company offers developers to look through the detailed documentation.
  • Expedia API. Expedia offers quite good documentation for the developers to use. Expedia API gives a lot of opportunities. For instance, it’s possible to check availability, rates, and more.
  • Amadeus APIs. There are leading main API solutions: Amadeus Flight Choice Prediction API and Amadeus Flight Low-Fare Search API. These APIs give access to such data as sales reports, flight information, tickets purchase.

Hotel Booking APIs

  • com Connectivity APIs. offers an API that allows managing system provides. You need to integrate Connectivity APIs if you want to connect your tech solution to the These APIs give opportunities to create and update content, add rates, and so on. Connectivity APIs have detailed documentation.
  • Google Hotel Prices API. These APIs provide users with the ability to search for hotels on Google Maps or Google. Customers can look through prices, photos, reviews, and more. Developers can implement these APIs utilizing the following documentation.
  • TripAdvisor Content API. It’s essential to look through the reviews before booking the hotel. So, this API allows looking through photos, reviews, ratings, and so on. Additionally, TripAdvisor has created proper documentation to simplify the developers’ work.
  • Amadeus Hotel Search API. Hotel Search API offers the software builders to look through the documentation before starting the development process. This API is profitable for hotel booking app development since it allows looking for a stay in the real-time mode. The users can see the location, price, services, and so on.
  • TravelgateX Hotel-X API. This API offers the developers to look through the management information, prices, currency exchange, and more. This tech solution is suitable for various issues, e.g. searching and booking a stay and comparing costs. Before starting the development, it’s possible to look through the

As you can see, there are a lot of API solutions that you can integrate into your travel project. Of course, it’s only up to you to decide which APIs to use. However, you need to remember that customers want to plan and book their trips using one service. So. it’s better to provide them with various booking opportunities.

Vitaly Kuprenko is the technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a software development company located in Eastern Europe. His mission is to provide people with interesting material about innovations in the world of IT.