3 Of The Best Vaping Podcasts To Listen To Right Now


Move over cigarettes and blunts –– to be clear, not lumping blunts into the same category because we know that blunts are still awesome –– here comes vaping!

Vaping. The newest trend to hit the streets and what has taken the world by storm –– from vaping e-liquids on vape mods, to using sticky extract in vape pens, and even sporting those incredibly stellar dual action dry herb vapes.

There is so much to learn about vaping and there are certainly different stances and viewpoints that many vapers sport, so it would be impossible to scour the web for them all. Thankfully, we’ve made it easy by providing a short, yet sweet list of some super awesome vaping podcasts that give you the inside scoop on everything vaping –– for vapers, by vapers.

1. VAPE Radio by Vape Mentors

This vaping podcast is a pretty interesting find. It was founded by Norm Bour who started Vape Mentors –– a website that offers consulting and online courses for those who are looking to start their own website, vape shop, or e-liquid line.

His podcast provides insight into vaping regulations, the vaping industry, and introduces interviews with different politicians and vaping experts.

If you delve deep enough, he even has a couple of rant episodes for those who have varying opinions on vaping. Definitely worth checking out.

2. The Vape Passion Podcast

This next podcast comes from a former smoker who’s looking to educate others on the “passion of vaping” –– see what we did there –– and provide all of the juicy stories related to vaping.

He has almost 100 episodes out now on various topics including different vaping brands, vaping news and culture, and even has a few interviews tucked away in there as well.

This podcast seems to be one of the more popular ones so take a look.

3. DIY OR DIE Vaping

If you are an e-liquid enthusiast looking to try new e-liquids or take a crack at making your own, this podcast is a rare gem among the rest.

This podcast seems to be devoted mainly to DIYing e-liquids, e-liquid recipes, and more of the behind-the-scenes science behind vaping. It is perfect for those extreme vaping enthusiasts who want to get more involved into their vaping gear.

They also have another podcast called InTheMix that focuses on all of the DIY goodness of vaping like building your own mods, crafting your own e-liquids, and more with entertaining and educational content.

Final Thoughts

Vaping has become a huge trend that has taken root in the hearts of many. No matter your motivation, your substance of choice, or your device of choice, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy in the scope of vaping.

And with these fun little podcasts, you can learn so much more in conjunction with blogs, Youtube videos, and shows. So grab your favorite vape, plug in those headphones, and pick one of these podcasts to listen to and enjoy.

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