5 Tips for Getting Started with StockTwits


New to the world of stock trading and want to follow more seasoned investors and their plays? StockTwits is the perfect place to help you learn about technical analysis, swing trading strategies, and more from like-minded investors. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started on this social platform dedicated to investors.

Set Up Your Profile Page

StockTwits functions much the same as Twitter, with a focus on sharing investment strategies and opinions. Begin by setting up your profile page with an avatar, short bio, and a link to your site if you have one. People want to know who they’re interacting with and this will be your face on the website. As you become a more seasoned investor, you’ll start to gain followers from people who are interested in trading the same stocks and listening to any strategies you employ to make money.

Follow Other Users Who Trade Like You Do

The next step to enjoying the service is finding traders who have similar strategies as you. Following these traders will allow their twits to show up in your Home Stream, which is a great way to gather new ideas when you’re developing a trading strategy. Check the StockTwits Suggested Stream for active members and follow those who seem interesting to you. The StockTwits Discovery Tool can also help you find new people who are talking about the same stocks that you’re interested in trading.

You Can Follow Stock Tickers Specifically

Another great feature of StockTwits is the ability to add a specific stock ticker symbol to your feed. If you’re interested in following a specific stock to see what everyone is saying about it, this is a great tool to gather some feedback from other traders chatting about how the stock is performing. Each stock has its profile page where you can follow it to add anything posted with the ticker symbol to your Home Feed. This feature can quickly clog up your feed, so you should limit this to stocks that you have a position with and stop following once you’ve closed your position and are no longer interested in trading that stock. Read the article ’10 Ways to Leverage Digital Transformations’ on techieword.

Share Information with Other StockTwits Users

Sharing your expertise on StockTwits is the fastest way to get a following on the site. If you have a trading website set up, feel free to share links with any due diligence you’ve done for trading strategies you’re developing. People who are interested in trading those companies will find you, and you’ll gain followers and possibly more readers. Be prepared for both negative and positive engagements from your sharing. Just like Twitter, someone who doesn’t like your investment opinion won’t be shy about sharing their thoughts. You can block people who become harassing, but keep this in mind when you’re just starting out as a newbie investor.

StockTwits Does Not Allow Paid Service Promotion

If you’re a seasoned investor looking to reach out to more newbies for your paid trading program, keep in mind that StockTwits does not allow you to promote your paid service on the platform. You can share hot tips and tricks for free, and if people enjoy the free tips, they might choose to sign up for your service. However, you cannot directly state that users need to sign up for your website to receive tips. You must be willing to share content freely with the community.

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