Hackers and Video-Games. Find Out What Is in Common?

Nothing too old not to discuss it and nothing new under the moon. Remember System Shock and that only plot twist when being too good in hacking resulted in a total mess? We never forget, but it never stops hackers and fraudsters from trying to master their skills and stay as far from the System Shock scenario as possible.

The truth is, we are used to thinking that only one segment of our online activity would be under attack. The most obvious example is our bank accounts, cards, personal data, and other materials that are too easy to use against us.

Probably 55% of gamers don’t treat their account security as serious as they should, according to the latest survey. The differentiation between real and virtual plays tricks you into thinking that no one would be that much interested in your data. Don’t believe that no one will notice if the real money is involved in in-game transactions.

Therefore, you always have to do additional research on the topic of your account security, regardless of its type, you don’t want to be exposed and threatened when you are enjoying your time the most.

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What Do Exactly Hackers want From You?

Well, they want your clothes and motorcycle, since the gaming industry has established itself as the largest industry where billions of users are engaged. Of course, the companies have to look out their back as well.

One security breach can cost a life for a studio and freeze them from returning to the market if not forever then for a long time. The leak of prototypes or trusted information can cost a life-long reputation and put the company’s customers under attack as well.

In other words, everyone should take this topic seriously. Otherwise, something unpleasant would happen. When hackers target your game account, they actually can snatch everything you have earned so hard in a moment. In-game currencies have their corresponding equivalent in the real world, and hackers know too well how to exploit stolen goods. The rule applies both to the latest games, and ones that became a synonym of classics.

At the same time, if the real money is involved in your account, you can be sure hackers won’t hesitate to take it out. Fraudsters and hackers don’t have the code of honor, they take everything you have earned and invested in your account.

The best example is Stream accounts, where people hold their card credentials, deposit money, and use standard online store mechanics. Your PlayStation account is also under consideration for roaming some gold.

The hardest of the aspect is data theft. Online and mobile games are logging a tremendous amount of data, from banking information to names and places of residences. Data breaches are always the most unwanted ones, as when knowing you too well, people will abuse the power of disposing of this information.

All in-game transactions and subscriptions have also occurred hackers’ hands, and you won’t even notice if something will go missing or you bought a game and gifter it to another account right away.

What Threats do You Experience as a Gamer?

The problems gamers face are not unique or different from the ones they experience in their home and work usage of PC and smartphones. Malware and phishing may sound like a problem exclusive for PCs and smartphones, but in fact, the threat is hiding in-game chats or fake log-in pages.

This ends up with complete take over one’s account. Games authentication flaws are also significant threats to your account integrity.

Simultaneously, weak authentication may even ease the task for hackers. People often believe that even the most unique combination can’t be corrupted, so there is no need in changing the password.

Many security specialists recommend to regularly change passwords and enable two-factor authentication methods to provide your account with a higher level of security and lower chances that someone will get access to all your data.


As a matter of protection, you should always pay attention to your passwords and authentication processes. You should know that phishing and malware are pretty much operating in this segment of the industry as well as in any other.

The companies, on their side, should always provide their users with support and spread awareness, with the possibility to cover their backs and protect their data.

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