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Nowadays there is a doubt that youtube is one of the biggest examples of watch2gather based sites. Another example of this type of website is Metacafe and When we conduct research such types of amazing websites like watch2 gather I found these types of websites. Now we will discuss top 5 watches 2 gather websites are-


Another best example of the Watch2Gather based website is MyIptvservive. Here you can get unlimited Indian and International live channels are available all over the world. You can watch here some informative and interesting videos.

#1 YouTube

Image Source- YouTube

It is one of the best video streaming websites. We can watch here more than thousands of amazing videos like informative based tutorials based on our studies, funny and romantic videos, Whatsapp status. Most of the people were engaged on YouTube channels. These types of videos are available here in widescreen format. Except for widescreen format videos, all videos are uploaded and viewed in high quality. They also provide us such types of videos where we learn about the ways how we earn online. Even YouTube gives us an amazing opportunity of earning like if you have monetized youtube channel then you can easily earn through Adsense. You can watch all recap videos that you missed upon your daily basis routine related to sports, games, newscasts, and serials also.

Strength of YouTube

YouTube offers you high-quality playback videos. It supports every format of videos. Most people embed youtube videos on their website and blog. You can give comments on any youtube videos. Suppose If you watch videos of online earning or tutorials regarding the website. Now you have a query regarding it you can give comments on this video that you watch.

Weakness of YouTube

You can embed only the standard quality of videos on your website and blogs. Some videos are widely popular. They have a huge number of subscribers, views, and comments. You can face lots of issues there is a chance of hacking also or most of the time there is a chance of spamming.

#2 Vimeo

Image Source- Vimeo

It is the second example of the watch2gather website. Basic users upload their videos easily and freely. If you want to upload more than 500 MB of videos you can take a subscription by paying a little bit amounts. It attracts a wide number of video artists. Most of the people can use Vimeo to upload short movies and portfolios. Vimeo supports full HD streaming and widescreen format videos with video codec support also. It provides you an ideal solution for sharing high quality and professional videos.

Strength of Vimeo

It has easy to navigate videos and having the ability to create and moderate groups of videos. It supports 1 GB of high definition videos for premium accounts, community or artist based videos.

Weakness of Vimeo

We can use Vimeo less frequently for uploading large MB of videos. It takes lots of time for the conversion of a single video.

#3 Metacafe

Image Source- Metacafe

Metacafe provides us an opportunity for online earning also. There is a lot of copied youtube videos but here we get more information regarding these informative videos from here. It provides you a piece of information regarding related to DIY hacks, magic and scientific experiments. If you have the interest to earn from your video page. Metacafe is one of the based video streaming platforms for you. Most of the people surfing on the network “How we earn through Metacafe from our video page”. Here you can be earning easily by uploading your best video page and if your video page gets popular. Like if you have a thousand views on your video page Metacafe gives you 5 dollars for these views.

Strength of Metacafe

It has a page view payment system that allows users to give for their videos. It contains various types of high-quality tutorial videos.

Weakness of Metacafe

It increases the resolution of videos and most of the videos are now divided into pixels due to the expansion. Here most of the videos are copies from youtube channels.

#4 Hulu

Image Source- Google Play

It is one of the websites which offer you a large television show. Hulu is founded by NBC and we get both current and off-air broadcast television series here of thousand of television series. It includes Simpsons, family guys, Bones, Vampire Slayer, and another live television series. It not only offers you a large number of television shows but also provides you the catalog of movies like a Spy game.

#5 Veoh

Image Source- App Store

Veoh is one of the best video content websites. It provides you a free live television show by partnering with the different numbers of companies.  Here you not only watch those live channels that are presented by Hulu but you can watch an unlimited number of popular shows also like Everwood.

We have listed above all the Watch2gether alternatives so that you can enjoy your favorite Tv shows. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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