7 Most Useful Tips for Designing Your Own Static Ads


Static ads are a versatile marketing tool. The tools address a specific message that companies want to share with a target demographic. The ads direct consumers to a specific location online which could include the website or a physical location. The designs often feature quirky imagery that captures the consumer’s attention instantly. Creating ads requires specific steps, and companies need all the assistance available. The following are the 7 most used tips for designing your own static ads.

#1 Use a Simple Yet Attractive Concept

Determining what is attractive to your target audience helps you choose the best concept for the ads. Choose one concept that appeals to the demographic and encourage them to visit your website. An eye-catching design gets its attention, spreads your message, and increases conversion rates.

#2 Stay Within Your Budget

A beneficial way of reducing costs and staying within budget is creating your ads on your own. Tools and software are accessible through online venues. Most of the selections are free to use, and they are advantageous for company owners who lack design expertise. The tools show you how to make an ad once you have made final decisions about your concept.

#3 Utilizing Scale Appropriately:

The size of the image is also paramount for an effective ad. The image is often scaled up to show intricate details. The correct scale makes the message easier to understand and visually more interesting to the audience. Scaling helps you show consumers a specific detail of your product. Marketing experts recommend going big first and scaling down as needed.

#4 Use Niche-Specific Concepts

Reviewing tips for designing static ads indicates the advantage of selecting niche-based marketing. The concept is based on using immediate representations of your target demographic in your ad. For example, marketing to teens is beneficial if you add images of teens participating in activities that involve your product. Selling teens a video game is successful when showing them how much fun other teenagers have while playing the games.

#5 Establish a Visual Relationship:

Choosing visual relationships for your product and the ad is tricky. You review possible connections and use something simple that translates to the audience. Consider your overall message and choose a visual relationship that helps consumers relate to what you are saying in the ad.

#6 Follow the Rule of Showing Instead of Telling

The first lesson of storytelling is to show, don’t tell. The same is true when advertising your business to your audience. The static ads don’t require a long narrative to explain the message to consumers. The image itself tells the story. Choosing the right image to convey the message is the ultimate aim of the advertisement. For example, a static ad for Coca-Cola’s new orange and vanilla soda would feature a burst of oranges and vanilla ice cream cones. The viewer knows immediately that the soda combines two wondrous flavours with their trademark soft drink. The message is clear in the image.

#7 Use a Call to Action in Your Ad:

Your audience needs direction and to know what to do next. The ad must state exactly what you’re hoping to do with the ad. Decide if you want your audience to visit the website, call you directly, or visit your physical location. Use a short line to achieve the objective. The call to action is simple and direct.

Static ads are innovative selections for marketing products online and in a variety of venues. The designs translate easily to consumers and offer standalone advertising choices. The selections are easier to use on websites, social media, on landing pages or a microsite. Companies use the ads to send a message through imagery instead of lengthy text quite effectively. To learn more about creating your own ads today, read more about static ad tops today!

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