Popular PC Games of The ’90s Gaming Industry


Remember the time when games were stored in physical format (e.g., CD and the iconic cartridge) and you had to buy them? Nowadays, you can play for free, and if you have to buy to support game developers, you can easily do so like you would buy clothes, shoes, or accessories online.

Platforms like Steam allow you to install games directly on your PC or cloud drive. You can post reviews, upload content, buy expansion packs, and more! You can choose the best Steam games, add them to a shopping cart, and pay for them with a credit card. All that’s left to do is download and enjoy them.

The ease of buying games and meeting people who play them through social media has made gaming mainstream, if not more popular than ever. Another major contributing factor is how quickly you can buy parts for your computer or set it up to run faster and handle better the most demanding games to date.

PUBG, Crysis 3, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are names that frequently crop up as those that give PCs a hard time because of their exacting requirements. A newer release doesn’t equate to being more graphically intensive, but it won’t be much fun as when the latest from a popular video game franchise has the bells and whistles, including requests from fans.

You, Your PC, and Games

Indeed, knowing the kinds of video games you play is one of the primary steps in finding a gaming rig that suits you. One essential standard to look out for is FPS, or frames per second, which refers to how fast the graphics or images are shown. A higher FPS rating generally translates to better gaming experience or gameplay, underlined by your device’s power.

Your processor, or CPU, is at the core of this performance, working alongside the graphics card. If you are into live streaming for others to watch, you have to pay attention to your hardware and internet speed.

Gaming is a serious business, after all. You can earn money out of it if you are skilled. A natural inclination for games can be further developed into full potential through practice. When you look at the schedule for game releases, there’s hardly a time to waste and wait.

Your move.


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