8 Fundamental Mistakes to Avoid While Aiming for Digital Agency Growth


Digital marketing agencies require a lot of time, effort and involvement in establishing them. In the process of establishing them, there could be a lot of hiccups and pitfalls, which may lead to a downturn. However, this could only be a rough patch as long as things are brought back under control. A digital marketing agency must always keep long-term survival objectives in mind while repairing these issues.

Here are some of the fundamental mistakes to avoid while aiming for the growth of a digital agency.

#1 Substandard Branding

A lot of digital agencies find it difficult to gauge their stature and presence in the marketplace. This begins with a lack of understanding of the customers, who they are, what they need etc. In order to be successful, they need to understand and focus on their unique or core strengths. Starting off with a mission statement could prove to be beneficial. The setting of objectives can also help them in creating a positive impression on the clientele.

#2 Ignoring On-Page SEO

Another fundamental mistake that a lot of agencies make is ignoring SEO. This is primarily applicable to on-page SEO. A digital marketing company in delhi could fail when it has little understanding of how SEO functions and the varied benefits that it can bring about. This results in lack of organically generated search traffic to the agency website. It could mean higher spending on advertising to attract traffic.

#3 Inappropriate Brand Positioning

Poor positioning of any brand can result in significant damage in the long-run. Establishing and positioning the agency appropriately is what distinguishes it from the rest of the competition and attracts customers easily. Customers are always on the look-out for something unique in agency offerings and brand positioning is an ideal start to ensure that customers gather trust in the agency brand.

#4 Steep Pricing

Sometimes an agency may lose out on prospective clients because of their steep pricing despite being a small-scale or a start-up business. While higher fees may lead the clients to believe that the agency is premium, this may not be sustainable in the long-run. Clients could immediately start looking out for economical options and are smart enough to fetch good bargains. This, in turn, could be a loss for the agency as customers start looking out for better pricing options. Pricing margins should always be focused upon because they should be neither too high nor be set at low levels.

#5 Lack of Customer-Centric Approach

Today, marketing is critical as far as engaging and attracting customers is concerned. Agencies, which lack customer-centric approach, may be left behind the competition and it could be too late when they realise it. With the help of personalization and continued analysis, agencies can supply a steady stream of services to clients who find the offerings attractive.

#6 Lack of Testing

Split testing is a way of checking for the dos and don’ts of agency business. While working on a digital marketing campaign, a digital marketing company can conduct a test for two alternatives to select one which works best. Decisions must always be made after testing and ensuring that it has enough appeal with the end-users. This can have better returns on investment.

#7 Not Tracking Results

When an agency fails to keep track of its results, it may not know the direction in which it has to go. Results have to be measured right from the digital marketing campaigns that the agency runs to customer satisfaction. This helps to understand the result of efforts and monetary investment that has been made in any project. A thorough analysis of results can help an agency learn from any mistakes that might have been made and improvise at every step.

#8 Lack of Sales Team Connect

It is about the time and connectivity that an agency builds with the people it works with. As a start, if an agency wants to succeed, it must have a set goal, agenda, strategy and plan of action. This can help the agency connect with its sales teams to measure success at every stage.

A digital marketing agency must understand these fundamental mistakes and learn about the ways to improvise its digital marketing strategy. As an agency scales up, these mistakes are best avoided to ensure that a positive brand image is maintained and more clients get attracted to the agency in the long run.

Ipshita Shekhawat
Ipshita Shekhawat works as a Digital Marketing Analyst in a reputed digital marketing company, Techmagnate. In her spare, she loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. She’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing.

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