A How-To Guide To Working With An IT Consulting Company

Working With An IT Consulting Company

Businesses of all scales and sizes need to outsource some of their roles to be able to be more productive. Typically, there are too many things on their plate, and performing one function that is beyond their forte would only lead to uncompromised results. One of the most common tasks that most expanding businesses seem to ask for support from another company is their information technology systems.

Nowadays, technology innovation is a renowned driver for businesses. IT plays a significant role in all business aspects, from operations to marketing. If you want to decrease the burden of your current workforce, outsourcing your IT services to an IT consulting company is a sound decision.

Here are some tips for you to work with an outsourced IT team effectively:

#1 Have An Open And Effective Communication

Make sure you can reach out to an IT consulting company quickly and easily. It means you and their company should establish effective and open communication together. Decide what communication platforms to use and what mediums are more effective for both parties. Whether you’re comfortable with sending emails, talking on the phone, or sending direct messages, there should be open communication to work successfully together.

Your organization needs IT consulting services from a responsive company like managed IT services Troy. The consultant should be able to keep you informed about every aspect of your business. They need to have strong written and oral communication skills. However, this requirement is applicable both ways. You and your team should also be communicative regarding your needs, pain points, concerns, and honest thoughts about anything related to your IT systems. When you create a good communication approach with your IT consulting company, the results will be more organized and successful.

#2 Build A Professional Relationship

Working With An IT Consulting Company

It’s necessary to manage IT consultants differently than to manage freelancers, contractors, or permanent members of the team. You need to remember that they’re not regular workers in your company, so you must be mindful of their services’ limitations. However, one common denominator for them is to establish a professional relationship.

You need to treat them with the same courtesy, respect, and empathy as your employees. There should be a good balance between collaboration and providing instructions. Remember that consultants need guidance, but trying to micromanage them will strain their relationship with them and negatively affect their performance.

#3 Establish Trust

When consultants are brought in to solve a problem that existing team members can’t handle themselves, integrating them into a team can be challenging. New business relationships can be hard to build in the beginning, and the same goes for trust. The key is gradually communicating and being more transparent and honest when working together for your business goals.

Give an honest assessment of your problem and what you’re willing to do to fix it. In this way, the consultant can provide the best solution for the client. Don’t sugarcoat, belittle, or exaggerate any IT issue. You need to tell them the exact situation as it is in order for them to support you.

#4 Be Transparent About Your Expectations Regarding Their Roles

Everyone involved in a project or task should understand their corresponding roles. It goes to your consultant too. IT consultants may already know what their roles are as soon as you hire them. However, in cases where they will be working with your internal staff, they should be able to tell which jobs are within their scope.

They should also know and have basic ideas regarding your company’s goals and vision. It will help them understand your business needs more and provide IT solutions according to these points. It’s also important that they are aware of any underlying issues that might have been swept under the rug many times in the past. By sharing your company’s goals with them, they can better formulate solutions and help you achieve results successfully.

#5 Be Aware Of Their Expertise And Skills

Working With An IT Consulting Company

You can determine if your consultant is the right fit for your business if you know their strengths. Although you may already have an idea of how experienced and skilled they are before hiring them, it pays to check their past portfolio and see if they’ve worked with similar businesses. Through their past experience, they can offer support and advice on certain events.

Consultants should demonstrate a thorough understanding of hardware and software and their expertise in creating a technical IT roadmap that outlines your current situation and future plans. By obtaining a technology and infrastructure roadmap, you would be able to solve common IT bottlenecks in your operations.

A company that has built a solid reputation and has offered efficient services for a long time will be more reliable than one that is new. Research more about your hired IT consulting company and see which of their strong points can be more advantageous for your company. It’s the best way to maximize their skills and expertise.

#6 Follow Your Consultant’s Advice

Although you’re still the last person to call the shots, one of the most important points when working with an IT consultant is to consider their advice and decisions seriously. After all, this is one good reason why you hired them in the first place.

Implement the recommendations and strategies the consultant suggested. However, before doing so, you should gather the rest of the team and company members to come up with the overall decision. Your team needs to be on board, and you must be willing and able to take immediate action. Your business situation will improve faster if you implement the actions quickly.

#7 Provide Feedback

IT consultants will also have their shortcomings no matter how top-ranked and top-rated they are in their industry. Hence, you need to provide feedback regarding their performance. It’s one way to promote transparency and honesty in the business relationship.

Like other members of your team, consultants need feedback on their performance to improve. They will be able to perform better once they understand their weak points.

#8 Understand Their Systems And Approach

There’s a lack of understanding of IT complexity among many people. It will, however, be extremely useful and insightful in the long run if you recognize the steps needed and the variety of tools a consultant will suggest to fix the problems at hand. Having said that, key people in the organization need to be familiar with IT systems and approaches, especially those that are being applied by your IT consultant.

By understanding their technique and approach, you’ll be able to relate to their strategies and work together for a common goal. Also, you’ll be able to do your research and double-check if your company’s IT strategy framework fits the IT consultant’s approach. You can modify changes, when necessary, in this way.

#9 Ensure To Draft A Contract Agreement

Some companies often overlook the importance of a contract agreement. However, it’s necessary, especially when working with a third-party company. You need to draft a contract depending on your business deal and have it legitimized by your company lawyer.

Contracts for consultants typically last between three and six months and can be renewed if necessary. Include all the necessary policies, terms, and details in the contract. For instance, it should contain the names involved, fee structures, service deliverables, timeline, and payment schedules. Having a clear and concise contract agreement is beneficial for both parties. Your IT consultant can refer to this deal contract to ensure timely and effective results.

#10 Measure Progress And Results

After setting goals and implementing the services, it’s time to measure progress and results. If you already have tangible results in mind, it’s time to evaluate and assess them. Decide your desired financial and other measurable outcomes, such as a reduction in employee turnover or an increase in revenue. The same goes for intangible results such as employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Each phase should be measured for progress. Every phase of your collaboration should be measured for progress toward your objectives. Setting key performance indexes as metrics to measure progress would be beneficial. You should measure their KPI after your consultant has completed their task.

#11 Stay Proactive

Working with an IT consulting company doesn’t stop after you hire the best one. Even when you have already signed a contract agreement together, staying proactive with your collaboration and work is crucial.

It’s important to be aware of how your IT service provider is working towards accomplishing your business objectives. Although it’s not necessary to micromanage their tasks, it would be helpful to have an idea of how they’re performing to make positive changes for your business.

No matter how credible your IT consulting firm could be, there are still risks and possibilities of growing complacent and lenient when their clients fail to stay proactive. There are situations when the cream of the crop IT consultants are assigned to your business during the beginning phase, only to be replaced with interns and inexperienced IT personnel later. You can prevent these things from happening by staying hands-on and proactive with the deal. Make sure a single consultant handles your project and that this person isn’t called upon for other tasks.


Every modern business can take advantage of the benefits that IT consultants can offer. They provide expert IT support and advice that will help you grow your marketplace or achieve business goals. Hiring them requires an initial investment, but you’ll soon realize that the return on investment outweighs the cost. Hopefully, you can apply the tips in this article so you can work with your hired IT consulting company successfully.

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