AI’s Impact on the Future of Online Gambling

Whether it’s in space exploration, robots, or the comforts of your home, artificial intelligence has taken root and is changing how we live. In the sense that AI is still being created, that is to be expected. While scientists are making more progress in the lab than in the real world regarding developing artificial robots that can compete with and even beat a professional poker player, this is only partially true.

The Victory of Libratus

Future of Online Gambling

Twenty years ago, the IBM Deep Blue computer famously defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. The recent uproar stems from Google’s AlphaGo computer effectively defeating Lee Sedol, the 18-time world champion in the board game Go. A major step forward was taken last year when a computer dubbed Libratus defeated the best poker players in the world by winning thousands of hands. It’s a huge step forward because poker is often cited as an example of a game where the human factor is essential.

So, Libratus could see through people’s masks and deduce their flaws? In a way, he did; during tournaments, Libratus spent the evenings examining the flaws displayed by his human competitors and then exploited that knowledge to his advantage in the following day’s matches. Libratus invaded human land.

Aside from Libratus, other intelligent machines have contributed to developing the gambling industry. A plethora of research and anecdotal evidence points to how AI is already affecting the online gaming industry. Disturbing as the ideas behind these theories may be, they may hold the key to saving humanity and resolving some of our most pressing challenges, despite their apocalyptic veneer. Let’s analyze how AI might soon change the face of gambling.

Gambling Addiction Recognized

Addicts create a terrible impression of the gaming business and perpetuate stereotypes that will get your casino included in tabloid media. Casinos are aware of the issue and take several measures to address it. For example, in many areas, problem gamblers can request permanent exclusion from the premises.

Although it is more challenging to keep tabs on online casinos, with the help of AI, gambling addiction can be detected and stopped in its early stages. Online casino operators might be alerted to suspicious players thanks to AI analysis of player data for questionable conduct. To prevent the player from hitting rock bottom, we can temporarily lock their account once we’ve identified them and begin offering assistance. Playtech’s BetBuddy is just one product that uses AI to monitor user behavior, improve the user experience, and spot problem gamblers.

Smart Data

Even more so now that it’s so simple to do so thanks to the internet, casinos have long kept records on player activity to tailor promotions to their clientele better. They collect information on their preferences and habits to provide players with tailored gaming experiences, advertisements and offers. It’s no surprise that market leaders are putting money into specialized AI to analyze customer data and provide online gambling sites a competitive edge. When recognizing patterns and trends, AI excels where the human brain falters when making predictions.

This, however, has its downsides. We’ve discussed how AI can aid problem gamblers, but some casinos use terrifying approaches to keep customers interested. The Guardian reported that some operators have access to sensitive customer information, including emails, which is then analyzed to create targeted content that is nearly impossible to reject for compulsive gamblers. The worst aspect is that customers frequently give their uninformed consent to using their data in ways they need to be made aware of because of the length of terms and conditions.

Superior Assistance to Clients

You’ve undoubtedly encountered a customer support chatbot that responded with “I don’t understand” when you asked a question. Need some assistance? More assistance is needed, and it’s clear you’re not talking to a real person.

The silver lining is that AI will solve this problem and force unresponsive robots out of business, like in the gambling industry. Agents providing modern AI services will have access to player data, allowing them to provide tailored and reasoned responses and provide your clients full assistance to get free spins.

Involving the Youth

More young people might start gambling in the future because of AI. Currently, most gamblers are between the ages of 35 and 65. Still, AI-driven VR has the potential to usher gamers into a digital world of infinite possibilities, allowing businesses to target the younger generation.

While millennials are less inclined to gamble at brick-and-mortar establishments or on desktop computers, they are already more involved in mobile internet gaming. Virtual reality (VR) will only intensify this rising trend, providing access to even more fascinating and novel industrial experiences for those who now make up half of the workforce.

Discouraging Cheating Instances

In theory, might AI bots be used to cheat in online casinos? AI is essentially a highly sophisticated and adaptable computing system, so it’s entirely feasible. In the gambling world, an AI trained on the rules and winning combinations of a card game would be a lethal adversary that would never grow tired or feel guilt over its actions.

The primary objective is victory. Your time and energy spent teaching the AI to play will be rewarded when it determines how to maximize its victory rate. It’s intriguing because dishonest gamblers and casinos both have the potential to use this tactic to defraud their customers out of money.

If a player is cheating in an online casino, there won’t be any security guards around to catch them. This allows cheaters to employ their artificial intelligence technology to circumvent security measures. The good news is that dishonest players may be easily filtered out of online casinos because they all employ the same methods. When AI can rapidly detect and end a cheating strategy, it benefits all honest players. Yet, the problem for the casino’s crime-fighting AI will be to bully the cheaters’ dishonest AI. Fundamentally, this becomes a showdown over which AI bot can accomplish the task at hand with the greatest success.

Potential Outcomes

Though its development is still in its infancy, artificial intelligence already has profound effects on our daily lives. The level of customization coming to online gambling will make it feel like playing at your very own unique casino, complete with all the perks. The bad news is that certain casino operators will take advantage of those with gambling addictions by providing them with tailored gaming experiences and material; the good news is that AI can counteract this trend and aid those who struggle with this problem. Although AI remains largely hidden from view, its fingerprints can be found even in seemingly antiquated pursuits like gambling.


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