Benefits of QR Code for Business Inventory Management

Benefits of QR Code for Business Inventory Management

The QR code has become increasingly more popular than the standard bar code. It is becoming more common to use a QR code system for inventory management. Not only can business owners store more information about their inventory but they can also organize it in an innovative way. A QR code is like a bar code in that they can hold pertinent details about an item, but they can be read both horizontally and vertically. Whether you are dealing with complicated worldwide shipping and sorting or you have a slightly smaller business, Codes can adapt perfectly to your needs.

Origins of the QR Code

We are all familiar with the bar code. This has been around since the 1960s and was a way to control logistics and keep track of merchandise. It was a 1-D solution that could only store information horizontally. These Codes have been developed that are 2-D, can be read in multiple ways and can help you keep track of where materials are and where they will go. You can store details in a QR code in a variety of ways. You can choose a numeric data organization system or go with binary or even kanji. Keep in mind that the data storage you choose will impact just how much information the QR code can bear.

Keep Track of Where Your Merchandise Is

If you are stepping up your inventory management skills, then you probably store away information such as when each item was scanned and where exactly it was. Using QR codes will let you attach heavily detailed tracking information for each item in your inventory. Not only can you tell, at a glance, where your merchandise is, but also the condition of the packaging. These detailed bits of information can help you to accurately keep track of all the items you have out in the world. C# QR code generator can give you more control over your merchandise.

Customize Your QR Code

If your inventory is going out all over the world, you want to make the items distinct. Distinguish your merchandise from that of others by changing the colour of the packaging or the information displayed by the QR code. Small changes like these can help warehouse workers and help delivery people as well as grow your business when they are organizing and arranging your inventory. You can create QR code systems in a variety of sizes, but the most popular is 2 cm x 2 cm. This can fit all the information that you need and the code will not become blurry or get edges cut off.


Designing a QR code to help you manage the inventory for your company is a great way to increase your company data. It can not only allow you to know exactly where everything is, but it can shed some insight on the lives of your customer as well as cause you to create innovative business designs in an effort to grow your company. Many businesses are using a proprietary QR code.

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