Best Online Casinos Surveyed By Proficient Gamblers

Best Online Casinos Surveyed By Proficient Gamblers

Several individuals are interested in moving into online gambling to enjoy the significant benefits of some casino games. Nonetheless, they don’t understand how to go about it and get the best online casino bonuses 2022. There are numerous online casinos; while some are reliable and trustworthy, others are not. But how can you get a suitable one? One of the ways to go about it is through a comprehensive survey carried out by experienced gamblers.

With an online casino survey, you can have an exclusive guide that could help you find the best casino sites you can register with. This piece explores details about online casino surveys and the best casinos for you.

Online Casino Surveys and Their Importance

Best Online Casinos Surveyed By Proficient Gamblers

The gambling industry is one of the fast-growing sectors in the world. The more the number of online casinos keeps expanding, the more players are susceptible to being scammed by some untrusted and unreliable casino sites. This explains why there is a need for a deep survey that could help locate the genuine sites suitable for online gambling. Also, gamblers want to know the best and worst casino game odds: how to win at roulette, blackjack, and other games.

People must beware of fake online casinos because their goal is to get you trapped and swindled. So, every player must explore different casino sites and then decide which one is authentic. Some experienced gamblers offer surveys on many online casinos to show which one is legitimate. To know how authentic a site is, the survey involves gathering data about how some specific websites run their business, their number of games, rewards, and the gaming programming used by them.

Essential Factors for Online Casino Surveys

What survey should you trust? A trusted survey will research the best online casino games and sites thoroughly and update relevant information from time to time. With online casino surveys, potential casino players should be able to make good decisions. There are two main types of casino gambling surveys, namely those that are undertaken by casinos themselves and those that are undertaken by independent research organisations. It is important to ensure that the casino gambling survey that is being conducted is appropriate for the type of research that is required.

For every player to have a great gambling experience, essential factors must be considered. Through these factors, players can get reliable information about their chosen casino games. These factors include customer service, site security and reputation, reliable banking options, a variety of real money casino games, and fantastic bonus offers.

Best Online Casinos

Regardless of the risks involved in online gambling, every casino player plays with the intention to win. They believe that through the activity, they can smartly solve their financial challenges. This is why they all seek to play with trusted and reliable sites. To help them get what they want easily, professional gamblers offer top casinos using a specific ranking methodology. Below are some of the best online casinos surveyed by these gamblers:

  1. Red Dog Casino. Red Dog Casino is the best overall casino, characterised by great design, impressive bonuses, and excellent customer support. It offers a 3 million max jackpot, a payout percentage of 98.56, and hundreds of games. These are odds that give the assurance of a great gaming experience. Every registered member receives a welcome bonus of 225%. And with BTC or Neosurf deposits, players can earn an additional 25%. Red Dog Casino runs 24/7 customer service via live chat and calls.
  2. Super Slots. Super Slots is the best casino when it comes to bonus offers. It is characterised by numerous banking options, good compatibility with a mobile site, and Bitcoin reloads boost of 10%. Registered players enjoy the flexibility of fund accessibility due to the wide variety of available banking options. Apart from the classic debit & credit cards and e-wallets, Super Slots introduces crypto deposit options, including Altcoins and Bitcoin. The bonus for customers’ first-time Bitcoin deposit match is 400%, about $4000. For friend invitations, Super Slots offers a $200 bonus.
  3. Slots LV. Slots LV is a casino that is best for slot games. At last count, it’s a platform with about 50 jackpot slots, providing customers with a higher chance of winning big. It’s a reliable company with a good reputation. It offers a reward program for the benefit of its customers while playing some slot games. It also provides several cash bonuses and numerous rewards.

How Proficient Gamblers Rank the Best Casinos Online

Below are how experienced gamblers rank the above casinos:

  • Customer service: A good and trusted casino should consider the optimal satisfaction of its customers. To proffer solutions to their challenges (such as technical malfunctions and withdrawal/deposit delays), different channels, including live chat, phone, and email, are created.
  • Impeccable reputation: No one will want to risk their cash on a platform with a bad reputation. So, the casinos are legitimate and known for excellent security and reliability.
  • Impressive bonus offers: What usually attracts customers to a specific casino website is its bonuses and rewards. The best online casinos provide attractive welcome bonus offers, loyalty programs, refer-a-friend plans, and reload matches.
  • Multiple banking methods: Best online casinos offer a range of banking options, including cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards.

Sometimes it is beneficial for gamblers to get different information about the gaming world; for example, Microsoft just bought Activision Blizzard, the gaming equivalent of Disney Buying Fox.

General Tips for Online Gambling

Below are some of the general tips you must observe when planning to choose an online casino:

  • Ensure the online casino has a good (recent) payment reputation.
  • Ensure you have proof before admitting that a site is a scam or rigged.
  • Ensure you play for entertainment– betting systems are not advisable.
  • To have more game variety and choices, the best prices to choose from, and more games to join, you are advised to join two to three gambling sites.
  • Ensure you play at a regulated and licensed casino for your safety and your money.
  • Be careful while reading site reviews – sometimes, they may be fake.


To guarantee that you and your money are safe, you must register with reliable and legitimate casino sites. With these sites, there are many other benefits to enjoy as a registered member. By going through the survey by experienced gamblers, you can easily get online casinos suitable for you. It is important to ensure that the recommendations made are based on the findings of the survey and that they are likely to be of benefit to the casino gambling market.

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