Bluehost v/s Hostgator | Review and Comparison

Bluehost vs Hostgator Review

When looking for the right hosting provider for your website, there will always be two names you will consider- Bluehost and Hostgator. Both hosting providers are one of the oldest and most revered in the industry. We reviewed the services of both these service providers, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one.

For our review, we researched and used the services of both the providers and ranked them against each other in terms of performance, customer service, cost of services and more. Following is a quick comparison between both the hosting services and which one is the best.

Note: “Techlogitic Team is not responsible for any fluctuating pricing on the web hosting services.”

Bluehost v/s Hostgator | Detailed Comparison

Hosting cost

Bluehost- 4.9/5

Bluehost is arguably the cheapest service when it comes to hosting. They are known for providing cost-effective options for the users, enabling them to host multiple websites at a fraction of a cost. It is fast, dependable and very easy to use as well. The service provider takes the cake, with the cherry on top no other site comes close to their offerings. However, their plans are not just cheap; they come at a good value too.

They provide good performance at a low price, which is a primary deal-maker for most customers. It is supported and endorsed by team, which means you get credible Word press hosting here too. It include the Weebly site builder which is really stable and powerful with amazing drag and drop features. You also get Cloudflare CDN for free. The site provides 30 days money back guarantee and unlimited disk space. The good news is that your domain name is free for one year as well.

Hostgator- 4.8/5

In terms of offerings, Hostgator is quite similar to Bluehost. It has several other offerings in the basket, which makes the domain come at a small premium over Bluehost prices, depending on the services you want to avail. The website promises good price and reliable performance.

You get unlimited disk space, larger bandwidths, and unlimited emails too. There is a robust MySQL database that goes along with this offering along with 1-click installs of most open-source projects that you could avail. This makes your website richer and enhances user experience too. The service provider comes with a Weebly site builder, available for free. The control panel is easy to understand and use. Premium support is available 24/7/365. You get money back guarantee for 45 days and can buy a new domain name for cheap or transfer an existing domain too.

Dedicated hosting comparison

In terms of dedicated hosting too, both the service providers stand at the same spot. Bluehost provides you a small advantage over Hostgator.

Bluehost- 4.9/5

It is built on OpenStack technology and provides reliable hosting, thanks to a minimum of four cores per server. The price to quality ratio is really amazing. Their shared hosting options are equally great, but nothing compares to their dedicated hosting.

All the hosting is developed and maintain in-house, helping reduce costs and improve efficiency further. They use the latest technology and have upgraded versions of their CPU cores as well. They offer 1 TB of RAID storage, and there are always 4 to 16 gigs of available RAM. In the beginning, each server is provisioned, but it can be upgraded with just a few simple clicks.

On the dedicated servers, the hosting provider lets you access to support 24/7 with their premier group of engineers. The technicians talking to you are always the best at their job, understand hosting perfectly and solve problems within minutes.

But this is not where it all ends. You get to use modern hardware and technology with at least 3 IP addresses offered for each plan. It is a well-rounded hosting offer overall.

Hostgator- 4.8/5

The dedicated server hosting options at Hostgator are equally lucrative. Due to the fact that this service is much reliable, many big organizations have hosted their website on this platform.  Their modern server hardware comes with Intel Xeon quad-core processors and RAM is equally good to match the needs of your website. You get quality, performance, and good prices, all in one plan.

You get a Windows-based operating system, making it easier to handle the hosting. The managed support is equally impressive, providing excellent ASP .NET support to the users. Others can stick to Linux hosting. The data centre and network are robust and modern, and you can get a plethora of unique IP addresses for each of your server accounts. The customer support team is available 24/7 to the users, via chat, email, and phone. You get support for multiple languages and SSH access along with unlimited MySQL databases. Disk space varies from 500 GB to 1 TB RAID.

VPS hosting comparison

VPS hosting is where Bluehost clearly excels over Hostgator. Though it isn’t the best available in the market, it is better than Hostgator in many ways.

Bluehost- 4.8/5

The question about price and performance reigns supreme when it comes to VPS hosting. Bluehost brings you the best prices as well as the most powerful performance. The support is strong and better than several other service providers. It is highly flexible and secure hosting option that doesn’t make you break the bank.

These virtual servers are faster than traditional shared hosting. You can choose between two cores or four cores, which is a great option for smaller websites that want faster speeds. You can also choose between 4GB and 16GB RAM. The most demanding of the websites can be handled with ease on these virtual servers. You also get SiteLock protection from the service provider, keeping the data secure in its redundant storage options.

Finding the right plan and navigating around this hosting option is easy and making changes to the plans to handle the changing needs of your business are easy feats. The support staff makes the journey makes it even easier, especially when you are migrating from the shared plans. They provide you 30GB to 240GB of SSD storage.

Hostgator- 4.5/5

Hostgator offers certain VPS options that are much affordable to mass users. The good thing about them is their cPanel support. Although it is an optional feature, it could help you in getting introduced to VPS hosting in an easy to use and familiar environment. Every virtual hosting plan here comes with at least 2 unique IP addresses.

You get to work on a completely redundant network with reliable security options as well. However, they don’t match up their plans with powerful CPU and RAM offerings, which drives them behind several other VPS hosting providers.

The good thing about their network is that there is no single point of failure, because of which your site maintains a very high uptime number. You can opt for fully-managed or semi-managed options, and MySQL options along with script transfers add full root access. The disk space range is wider, moving from 25GB to 3 TB.

WordPress hosting comparison

Bluehost- 4.9/5

Millions of bloggers use WordPress only due to a wide support for add-ons like Elementor. The hosting options at Bluehost are very lucrative. They offer you a simple alternative to shared hosting. You get platform specific hosting options, and the costs remain comparatively low. This WordPress hosting is designed on their VPS platform, which provides a great managed hosting option.

However, you don’t get as much customization as you would want. Still, the simplicity and the speed which you get is par excellence. The setup is very simple as well. Plus, you get access to ManageWP and the MOJO Marketplace which is always great news for the users.

You can SiteLock security, Integrated W3 caching and a standard CDN as well. Resources are always guaranteed, and data backups are automatic, regardless of what plans you choose.

Hostgator- 4.7/9

Sharing comes naturally to the Hostgator network. You will find the one-click-install feature, characteristic of WordPress sites. The cPanel dashboard is clean and easy to navigate, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned developer. Several scripts and apps are available for free installation as well, so you get the most of your WP powered site.

This is not all. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and bandwidth. The only problem here is that you don’t get a domain for free, unlike Bluehost. You will have to dole out another $10 to $15 register a domain of your choice. However, even that can be done easily on the main page of the Hostgator website too. You get multiple layers in caching tools as well as cloud resources, including a standard CDN thrown into the package. Page loads could become 2.5x faster with this option. Content heavy websites could make use of the faster speeds that it has to provide. Another good news is that you could get $100 in Google AdWords credited to your account, so your business gets popular instantly. If you are not satisfied, you could get your money back within 45 days.

Bluehost takes an edge over Hostgator, by providing a powerful hosting option at a small price.


Bluehost has a better site builder than Hostgator. It is powered by Weebly, which provides simple drag and drop website building abilities. Hostgator options can provide you the same, especially in dedicated hosting but the Bluehost plans are overall better and our choice.

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