Desk Hoteling Software: An Effective Tool for Implementing and Establishing a Remarkable Hybrid Workplace

Desk Hoteling Software

Since the pandemic happened, different industries and businesses have adapted a hybrid working setup. It is a working style where employees have a specified schedule for their office and remote working days. This setup allows offices to utilize their workspaces to support the health protocols.

With workplaces that already consider hybrid work setup, desk hoteling software is the best assistant tool to conduct it effectively. This innovative solution helps office management utilize office spaces, resources, equipment, scheduling, etc. Hence, room booking software provides many advantages for business offices.

Desk Hoteling Software for Effective Hybrid Work Setup

Desk Hoteling Software

#1. Minimizing the Admin Task

The desk hoteling app is a solution for offices to reduce the time and tasks for the admins. It allows offices to minimize the number of admin workers working efficiently as the software can do repetitive assignments. The software can automate the scheduling, systematize workstation assignments, and process daily documentation. Hence, the admins can focus on more critical jobs.

#2. Efficient Utilization of Workspace

The seat reservation software allows the management and workers to utilize every space of the business place. With a hybrid office setup, employees have their specific schedules for office work. It is also possible to come anytime, depending on their work call. This function allows office management to set the room and spaces, whether it is for fixed owners or areas and rooms open for reservation.

For instance, a hybrid working team member does not have a fixed spot in the office. They can use the reservation software to see any spaces in the office that are available and open for use. On the other hand, the application is also a good assistant for reserving conference or meeting rooms. Workers do not need to go to the admin to ask for availability. Instead, the application will be the guide for booking the desired room. For that, space utilization can be more efficient while maintaining the health protocols within the premise.

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#3. Reduce the Operational Cost and Resources

As desk hoteling software helps office management utilize the workspace, the businesses can minimize their resources and operational cost. It means they can spend lesser on utilities and energy costs as every space of the business area is used wisely. Reducing the operating cost also means that the business can increase its capital. Besides that, it also allows the company to enhance and improve the workforce of their employees. The hoteling solution allows an efficient hybrid working system where workers do not need to spend straight days in the office. Instead gives them the flexibility and productivity of working not just in a four-cornered room.

#4. Automated Thermal and Mask Scanner

As offices now are required to observe the CDC protocols, management needs to impose proper distancing, monitor body temperature, and ensure wearing face masks. Instead of making these tasks additional work for the admin, the software can do it. This online desk booking software has COVID-compliant features with a thermal scanner to automatically scan each person’s temperature. It also has a mask detector, where it is easier for the management to detect violators. Also, in the case of a potential carrier, it is easier to trace every contacted person since the software stores the gathered data in the cloud.

#5. Observe Systematized Sanitation Scheduling

Fulfilling the observation of health protocols will never be complete without following efficient office sanitation. Since offices are now adopting a hybrid working setup, the rooms and areas for open reservations have different occupants.

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It could mean different cleaning schedules, depending on how long each user will use the space. With online room scheduling software, it is now easier for workers to schedule the sanitation routine after every use. As for subsequent users, the cleaning schedule in between will not be a hassle. The cleaning committee will have a direct notification on where and when they can do their task. Hence, employees can guarantee that their reserved workspace is clean before occupying it.

#6. Provides Comprehensive Report and Analysis

The desk hoteling software system can present a comprehensive report and analysis on office space utilization. It helps the management realize the routine of using different rooms and spaces. With the function analysis, management can now identify the space, rooms, and equipment that needs improvement. It is also easier to realize the office areas that need either enhancement or maintenance. The software allows managers to streamline their jobs despite maintaining the COVID-19 protocols efficiently.

In this pandemic, the booking software allows business owners and office management to compromise the workforce with the right environment while continuously achieving business goals. Besides that, the software enables offices to increase staff productivity, simultaneously saving business resources.


As some employees are still reluctant to work back in their offices due to the continuous pandemic, a hybrid working system is the most accurate solution. It allows companies to maintain the face-to-face working setup even for some time. And to fulfil this working style, desk hoteling software is the right tool for adaptation. With this software, the management and workers can maintain the health protocols while efficiently doing their jobs. Hence, productivity and reaching business goals are just like those days before the pandemic.

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