Ds4windows Not Working? Check These 4 Tried & Tested Solutions!

Ds4windows Not Working

Ds4windows not working is nothing less than a nightmare for the gamers, and the worst of all is that it has come true. Considering the latest updates in Windows, you might have been facing many other technical glitches. Despite all the attempts and efforts, there’s a high possibility of you failing while making the ds4windows work. But no need to worry, the solutions you’ve been searching for are right here! Read on and get better insights, the answers presented here are all tried and tested.

What is Ds4?

While it’s quite possible to play any game using your keyboard, you can’t compare the experience and the performance that is way better and enhanced with the use of the controllers. It is like playing a game on your smartphone, which is convenient, but still there is a substantial unmatched craze for Xbox and PlayStation. After all it comes down to personal experience and for the very reason gamers prefer controllers to play on PC.

Ds4 aka play station’s Dual Shock 4 or PS4 controller is the device that is preferred by many gamers. But seldom there’s an error message waiting to greet you every time you try to connect your controller. Frustrating isn’t it?

Decoding The Problem

Ds4windows is an application created for Windows 10 to fool the system into believing that the PS4 controller is an Xbox controller. Both Xbox and Windows are manufactured and owned by Microsoft, therefore are compatible. However, there is another renowned brand, Sony, that manufactures the PS4 controller and that’s the reason they are not suitable for Windows 10.

Now with ds4windows, it was possible to connect the controller with Windows 10. But the recent update opened a can of worms for the gamers. It started showing error messages to users when connecting PS4 controllers.

Ds4 Windows Not Working- 4 Solutions

#1 Update ds4windows

Loof for the Ds4 windows extracted girl and update the application. Give it some time and let it show the recent updates, download and install them.

Once the process is completed, close the Ds4 and relaunch it. Now connect your controller with your system.

#2 Enable ds4 controller in the device manager

Connect your controllers, and open ds4 windows. Click on the start button and free device manager, you will see the Human Interface Device option. Expand it and then right click on the HID-compliant game controller. Tap on Enable Device and you are ready to go!

Close the window, return to the ds4 windows application and now you’ll be able to trace your controller. Connect it!

#3 Uninstall ds4 controller

Try uninstalling the ds4 controller from the control panel. Close the ds4 windows, unplug and disconnect the controllers. Open the control panel and go to the device and printers under the Hardware and sounds option. You’ll find wireless controllers, right click in it and go to the properties. You will see a pop-up window. Change the tab to hardware. Now select the HID-compliant game controller from device functions and tap on the properties button. This will pop a new window. Now go to the Driver tab and click on the ‘uninstall device.’

Clicking on the OK button will shut the windows, now plug in your PS4 controllers and open the ds4 windows.

#4 Uninstall the latest Windows update

A rapid solution for the problem ‘ds4 windows not working’ is un-installing the latest Windows update. As earlier there was no such technical glitch. It was only when you updated the latest version this problem popped up. Thus, the simplest thing to do is to uninstall and get your system to the lower state where the application da4 windows worked fine.

How to uninstall?

  • Go to start button
  • Select and click on updates and security
  • You’ll see the ‘view update history’ in blue
  • Find the uninstall an update option.
  • Right click on the latest update and click in uninstall.
  • Once the process is done, restart your PC


Post reading this you must have understood that the major problem behind ds4 not working is due to the latest update in Windows. No matter how many solutions are there, the best of all is uninstalling the latest update. Try that, if that doesn’t work well try the other solutions mentioned!

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