Explore Effective Ways of Starting & Running a Recession-Resistant Web Design Business


After the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote freelance job seems to have become the most lucrative and resilient employment option especially for all creatives including web designers. As organizations are downsizing to withstand a recession, they are bound to seek the professional assistance of freelancers for filling the gaps and the void left by the in-house full-time employees. In these critical times, freelancing could be a great way of proving a consistent source of income and much-desired freedom. The question is how to start a robust recession-resistant freelance web designing business?

Many of you may find it extremely challenging and intimidating to start a venture on your own. However, you need not feel overwhelmed at all because you could do it if you are creative, uniquely-talented, and forward-thinking web design professionals. You must have faith in your abilities because you could come up with an impressive, independent business that would ensure a steady stream of work despite a recession.

We have been listening to the success stories of several web design experts so we may assume that starting a web design business is quite easy. You may, however, appreciate that the job is not that simple. Besides possessing exceptional web designing skills, you must have a clear-cut full-fledged business plan, sincerity, and dedication for running a freelance web design business successfully even during economic depression or recession.

If as a web designer, you have the right experience and creative skills for handling projects on your own, you could set up your own signature web design boutique. Experts believe that this is undoubted, a great idea. However, it necessitates a magical mix of strategic thinking, tenacity, and skilled endeavors to transform all your aspirations and dreams into reality.

Identify Your Weaknesses & Highlight Your Strengths

It is important to identify your strengths so that you could choose the precise services you would provide and your weaknesses would point out that you must not waste your energy or time on certain things that could be better tackled by somebody else. You must know clearly the jobs you are brilliant at and you could efficiently handle on your own.

Know Your Target Market

It is obvious that you would like to deliver the precise services you are really good at. However, you should not focus your attention on offering people what you are attempting to sell. It would be a wise move to try to identify what precisely your audience is looking for. Once you know that you could accordingly custom tailor your services as per their requirements. You could ask your potential clients what are their specific preferences and unique requirements for their web designing projects. Clients could get in touch with a reliable web design services in Miami for professional web designing.

Consider Polishing Your Presence Online

Once you get in touch with clients seeking web designing orders, they would, first of all, Google you. Hence, before you start finding clients, it is of pivotal importance to establish a robust, impressive, and trustworthy online presence demonstrating your professionalism, talents, and exceptional design skills. You may start by coming up with an impressive portfolio or you could polish the existing one.

As per, you must demonstrate your credibility. You must realize that when clients are shopping around for reliable web design services, obviously, they are seeking the services of experts or specialists in the trade. Hence, demonstrating or showcasing your credibility is the key. Incorporate your educational qualifications, certifications, and even work experience into your profile so that people could start trusting your services.

You could consider enhancing your credibility simply by posting amazing visual content regarding your line of expertise and go on updating yourself at par with the most recent industry trends. You could showcase all your professional projects. In the event, you do not have any, you could put on display some of your personal web designing projects, you could volunteer work for some no profits who are looking for some design work. You need to check and even double-check if your links are working.

Several freelance web designers have their business email address and their own website. However, you could consider sharing a URL to a really well-organized folder present in Google Docs. Your aim is to highlight your portfolio and make it visually attractive and really easy-to-navigate for all your potential clients.

Remember besides a robust portfolio, you must focus your attention on creating or polishing your social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. You could Google yourself and examine what comes up. All clients would be doing a thorough background check before employing your services as a web designer, particularly if you have just started your business. Hence, it is important to present yourself as a competent and reliable professional.

Locate Clients and Focus on Closing Deals At Once

You must focus your attention on building a robust network for accessing possible referrals. You must understand that this network could be including clients you have designed for earlier and also some other professionals attached to businesses and organizations that could be using web designers. For instance, you must have a powerful network of graphic designers, copywriters, and other professionals involved in the business of website development.

You may come across a client who has asked you to create a website but he has no graphics or text. You could refer some relevant businesses from your network to your client and likewise, those businesses could from time to time refer their customers to you for a web design project. The amount of time and effort you need to dedicate towards networking could leave you dejected at times but you need to keep your cool and restrain yourself and realize that the endeavors are truly worth it. Best client relationships often extend for years and prove to be incredibly lucrative.

Talk to people in your network and tell them that you are starting a business and seek their guidance or advice. Take their feedback into account seriously. You could consider closing the meeting by requesting everyone for introductions to other people having work or advice. Job boards such as Flexjobs and We Work Remotely are platforms to identify clients and effectively close deals.

Finally, you could generate profiles on several freelance marketplaces such as People per Hour or UpWork. We know that these marketplaces are updated constantly with classified-type ads placed by companies seeking design assistance and designers looking for web design assignments.


Keep the above tips on your mind and keep networking until you identify a wonderful group of clients. Then with a lot of hard work and determination, you could establish a strong and successful web design company that could survive any downturn.

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