Five New Home Tech To Get Excited About


Technology applications are growing wide and large across different industries and the use of technology in home automation is growing rapidly. Below are a few ways technology is being used in home applications.

Robot Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity for ages now in order to ensure that your home is clean and tidy. For years these type of machinery has required someone to control it, and hence direct which place needs cleaning be it the carpet, under seats or behind seats and corners. Granted these are machines and someone has to take charge of it to ensure its proper functioning. Several developments have been done to the vacuum cleaner in the past to ensure it is effective in that it can sweep, clean a wet surface and dry it as well. Technology, however, is always getting better and better, and it brought about the robot vacuum. This vacuum cleaner does not need to be lead by a human, instead it can work on its own. There are several different types of robot vacuums whose working differs from the others. Some are controlled through the owners mobile device, which is connected to the vacuum, where others sense surfaces around them, therefore the human can sit back and relax as the cleaning is done for them by the vacuum.

Transparent TV

Yes, times are changing, are other forms of transmitting and sharing information are coming up, whereby people can access any and everything, such as the phones or laptops, still the TV are not left behind. Just when we thought it could not get any better with the smart TVs whereby one is able to connect their screen to the internet and hence reap all the benefits, and even connect their to their phones, came the invisible TV. The science behind this is just amazing and shocking all the same time, perfect art sums it up. Designed by Michael Friebe. It combines convectional LCD and the latest TOKED display technology, which allows the creation of solid pictures with rich color reproduction.

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Flexible Furniture

Every house requires furniture which essentially make the place a home, as it is more comfortable. In some cases though ones is not in a position to have a big space, and as it is well know furniture tends to take up a lot of space in a house. The solution is flexible or foldable furniture. This is furniture that can be manipulated according to one  needs and the space they have available. This includes have a foldable bed, that will create more space when one is not asleep. Furniture that can fold up into tiny compartments, and when need be, can be unfolded to host a big group. A flexible chair that can either be a one sitter to a three sitter by being folded and shaped appropriately. This hence allows all people to have furniture regardless of the size of their space.

Smart Locks

Burglary is an issue that is faced with all, in most cases the issue being broken locks. A solution is here, introducing the smart padlocks that one connects to their phone by downloading the required app (master locks Bluetooth smart padlock) and hence oneΓÇÖs phone becomes the key to their padlock. This right here will help curb burglars and give one piece of mind that their properties are safe. Also the app allows one to give multiple users access to their lock hence no need for having friends carrying around your spare parts.

Alexa Voice Assistant

Alexa is a technology developed by Amazon, and is able to so several things, only human could do until recently. These include: setting alarms, voice interactions, to do list, music playback, playing audiobooks amongst others. Alexa is in a position to control several  smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Hence this robot is able to carry out several functions of an assistant, and even more as it does not have the exhaustion system of a human, but instead requires to be charged after a while.

Final Words

While some tech is already alive and present, like robot vacuums and Amazon’s Alexa, other is in development stages and it might be awhile before we see any of it in real life. If you’re wondering about robot vacuums or Alexa developments, you can visit this site for the latest tech in robot technology. Alexa is also present and available and it is joyfully waiting to hear “Alexa” from you to reply to even the most obscure questions that you might ask. Aicool Smart Trash Can is also a new technological advancement in your household appliance.

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