Why Video marketing is more effective?

Video Marketing

Statistics indicate video marketing  boost the observers as customers  by 80%

Video marketing Survey indicates that 74% of observers who watched the product on the video subsequently purchased the product. For humans, vision is the most prominent sense. If the content is visual, most of the information will be quickly  transmitted to human brain . Therefore if image can engage the human sense massively, obviously motion pictures can do more to the business. Starting a video marketing campaign might not be easy if you are unsure where to start. For this reason, it’s essential to have an excellent production company on your side. They will make sure to put all your ideas together into a high-quality video.

Video Marketing indicates more additional Return on Investment

Statistical studies shows that 83% of businesses say that video gives good return on investment. Even though video production is not yet the easiest and cheapest task, it generally pays off in due course. Now a days video editable tools are improving and also it is more affordable,  even smart phones are already available in the market which can make decent videos.

One should also remember that it is not mandatory that videos produced have to be perfect. Only the content is more important which matters a lot. Latest research indicates that mostly observers put off videos if the videos doesn’t provide clarity on the product or service. Low quality and poor design didn’t matter as much. So it is good to say that video is like pizza – when it’s bad, still it is pretty good!

Video Marketing establishes reliability

Establishing reliability should be a goal for every business. The entire concept of video marketing is based on reliability and developing long-term relationships over a period of time. Businesses should stop selling and should wait for the people to come to them by providing interesting, reliable and the practical facts about the products or services.

Google platform increases video marketing on its own

Videos related to products and services allows to increase the time spent by observers on the web site. Hence, longer the time spent by observers develops the trust and give the information to search engines that the web site has good content. YouTube is one among the platform that shows that there has been a significant increase in videos affecting search engine rank. Every business has to ensure to optimize videos in order to become one among the top ranks in search engines. In Seacrh Engines, give interesting titles and descriptions on the products and services.  Also, add a link back to the website related to the products and services. Ensure that the video content allows the potential customers to go for next step in looking for more addition information on the products and services . Even the businesses can explore the world of interactive videos, to encourage the customers towards the products or services.

Smartphone users loves videos

Smartphone users loves to watch videos. Statistics indicate that 90% of customers purchase products by  watching videos on their smartphones. Since third quarter of  2013, smart phone video observers have increased more than 200 percent. Since observers  watch videos on the move and also the number of mobile users are growing, business video audience increasing more day by day.

Moreover, internet giant Google shows that mobile users are two times the TV watchers. Since the visual information received by human brain increases the personal connection to products or services , video ads really helps to increase the sales.

Video Content illustrates everything

While releasing the new product or service, ensure that the video created explains the working principles of the product or service so that the customers gets the complete clarity on the product or services. A survey indicates that more than 40% of businesses say that they have detailed video content on their web site. Out of those 40% , more than 80% of businesses say that video content is more effective. If a business is trying to explain a complicated concept, it is always to better to create an animated video. Animated videos  gives a perfect combination as a entertainment as well as it keeps the person to remember the video content more than a text.

Video engages even the person who is not willing use his energy

Video is a one among the easiest tool for learning. As today’s life is too busy , people  have no time to go through page by page  product descriptions or to dig into their detailed services. In the modern world, people are more interested to see the product as video content which normally engages the action. Video marketing can catch even the laziest person’s eyes to look into the video , what he is interested for.

Social Media encourages video content

Social media shares video content with features. Statistics shows that Facebook released more than 3000 videos. Instagram shares Videos which can play for 60 seconds . Needless to say that YouTube is the second well known social media in the world. One must remember that social media content shares more emotions than facts.

Built-In feedback

It is really hard to answer the following questions:

How many internet watchers read the latest blog related to a product or services.? How many read again the links related to it? How many of them share the information to their friends?.

For all the above, the only answer is video content with which we can measure the feedback of the Video, on the following:

No of clicks.

No of observers who skipped video

No of observers who watched video

With the above feedback , one can easily notice that whether the videos created are working or not. This will increase the businesses to concentrate and optimize the video content that is giving better feedback

 Internet observers watch video E-mail

Internet survey indicates that the video emails click rates are double than other emails which makes such emails effective.This is one of the great way to be unique to pass the message to customers world wide.

Video Advertisements

More than 30 second Video advertisements which are non skippable the completion ate is 96% and the skippable is 14% as per the internet survey. Video advertisement are more effective on social media

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