Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

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Are you in search of things to do with a girlfriend because you’re just bored of those casual schedules and they don’t excite your life with your partner anymore?

You want to make more time for her and want to keep her happy just like when it was the beginning of your love and romance. There are several things to talk about with your girlfriend  to reassure her that you care about her and bring that excitement again.

You all know love is not enough until you express it to your loved one., you both want to stay happy, then adopt things and activities that display your love, and that’s why I bring you what to do with your girlfriend to please her and make her feel special.

By following these 5+ fun stuff to do with your girlfriend, you won’t face trouble in bringing that smile on her face, and these ideas would provide her proof that how much you love her after all these years.

Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

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As the relationship grows out and years take place, the excitement and romance get down and low. Men often stop pleasing their girlfriend and fill them with new surprises, so this entire situation can bring out insecurities and confusion about your love in her mind.

If you truly want your girl and her belief that you love her more than anything in the world, then just follow these fun things to do with your girlfriend as a proof of your love and affection.

1). Take Away Her Tiredness and Give a Refreshing Massage

Even if she hasn’t told you ever about this idea, she does feel exhausted and low level of energy sometimes. You just need to identify it and give her body massage, so every vein of her body feels relaxed and refreshing sensation.

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Don’t take this thing casually, giving her a massage can boost your level of affection for her and make her realize that you still care about her. She would be very thankful to you with a genuine smile for making her body light and free from pain.

2). Never Miss A Holiday

Suppose you are not feeling like going to that office any particular day, then you can use this time to take your girl out and delight her with her favorite flavor of ice cream or shakes.

Hold her hand and let’s walk out casually, share some romantic talks and gestures that make her feel your care and love for her.

3). Help Her with Her Hobby

Everyone person has a hobby, and surely she has one too. You don’t need to be lazy all the day, instead, help her improving her hobby that she just love to do. Sometimes it’s’ good to take a break from your schedules and help your partner whenever she feels trouble.

It can be a perfect idea to spend some quality minutes together by helping your girlfriend with her hobby. Whenever she feels like it is impossible for her, then motivate her in the best way possible, and she is not going to forget that motivational words ever.

4). Surprise Her with Little Things

There is no need to be a millionaire just to make hersmile; little things that you don’t even notice can make her day. Wish her a sweet morning bringing a beautiful bouquet full of her choice of flowers and you see there is no need to be full of money like Mr. Grey.

Surprise her with shooting customized that she can wear like a bracelet or pendant that symbolizes your love for her. These fun things to do with your girlfriend can really be a great way to make her feel special in just a few bucks.

5). Take a Little Trip

There is no need to book a heavy holiday of you are tight on expenses. Instead, book a little trip of 2-3 days near your city to a natural place that she hasn’t visited and share your love while exploring nature.

6). Present Her on Important Dates.

One secret to always impress your girl is to remember her important dates like the first day when you two met, her birth date, the date when you proposed her, etc. Always keep in mind these tiny things are the greatest things for girls because it shows your emotions from her that no one can buy with any amount of money.

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7). Act Childish and Do Something Silly Together

Get a break from your adult lives, seriousness and messy days.  You can be playful or cat coldish with her for a day and let her do the same and do some silly things putting all your troubles aside.

This one from the fun things to do with your girlfriend will help to improve your relationship, and it is going to make her smile every time she thinks of your kiddo face.

8). Sing For Her

Are you good at guitar or singing, then what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the evening and make it a romantic one by singing for her the words that she ever wanted to hear.

Get some candles ready, take your guitar or just Ukulele and fill up your girl with the sweetest words ever. Show her your temptation through a song and check her loving reactions coming directly from her heart.

9). Help Her with Her Wish List

You always do things for yourself, now it’s time to take your responsibility and help her complete her wish list or bucket list.

See how can you help in achieving her wishes and share your efforts to get her wish list done. She would always be grateful to you and this wish list can be anything like she wants to visit any place in the world, she has something to buy, any exotic meal.

10). Ask Some Funny Questions

Yes, asking funny question from her, will put immediately smile on her face and she will enjoy your company more. Every girl love that guy who put efforts to make her smile. If you don’t have any idea about funny questions, check out this list of 100 funny questions to ask a girl.


You don’t need to play with money to make her smile and feel special. Just remember these fun things to do with your girlfriend and see how you improve your relationship with her. These things mentioned here take a little effort, but these tiny things always leave her smiling and make her thanking God for giving her such a caring partner.


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